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as at 10 February 2020



Stagecoach on Teesside operate a PVR of 64. The PVR of 64 is covered by a network of 15 services across Stockton, Middlesbrough, Billingham and Norton, stretching from Lingfield Park and Stainton in the South to Elton Park in the West and Low Grange in the North.  In addition, flagship Service 36 runs through to Hartlepool.

As well as the regular stage carriage services, some additional infrequent services are operated; mainly works and evening contracts as well as Scholars Services to Prior Pursglove College in Guisborough, Durham St Leonards and Sedgefield Community College.

Fleet Profile
The Stagecoach on Teesside fleet comprises 76 vehicles. The total of 76 is made up of seven Enviro400 deckers used mainly for the Scholars contracts, five MAN ALX300 saloons, 17 Enviro200 MMCs and 47 Enviro300s (including integral and MAN enginged versions).

In addition, Teesside have two Driver Training Vehicles; MAN 18.220 A69s 22074 & 22075.  


All of the Teesside fleet carry Stagecoach corporate livery. Many of the Enviro300s carry distinctive contravision branding for Dotty Services 52, 58, 59 & 61 (27241-54) while the Enviro200 MMCs carry somewhat more restrained branding for Services 36, 37 & 38.


All of the Teesside fleet were delivered complete with Stagecoach corporate interior.


The Enviro400s, Enviro300s and Enviro200 MMCs have orange Sentence Case digital destination displays while the MAN 18.220 A69s have yellow Sentence Case digital destination blinds.


Meet the Fleet 

Teesside operate seven Enviro400 deckers, all transfers over from Walkergate; principally for use on the scholars services: 19204, 19205, 19206, 19207, 19211, 19383 and 19384.

The ALX300 bodied MAN 18.220 single deck fleet has markedly reduced in recent years; now just five remain; officially allocated 22018, 22026, active reserves 22062 and 22063 and officially allocated 22064.

The newest vehicles at the depot are 17 Enviro200 MMCs for use on Services 36, 37 & 38: 26276, 26277, 26278, 26279, 26281, 26282, 26283, 26284, 26285, 26286, 26287, 26288, 26289, 26290, 26291, 26292 and 26293.

Four first generation integral Enviro 300s, new to Slatyford, are also operated: 27506, 27507, 27509 and 27510.

Teesside operate vehicles from three batches of integral Enviro 300 single decks. 42 were delivered new to Teesside: 27157, 27158, 27159, 27160, 27161, 27162, 27163, 27164, 27165, 27166, 27167, 27168, 27169, 27170, 27171, 27172, 27173, 27174, 27175, 27176, 27177, 27178, 27179, 27180, 27181, 27238, 27239, 27240, 27241, 27242, 27243, 27244, 27245, 27246, 27247, 27248, 27249, 27250, 27251, 27252, 27253 and 27254. The remaining example 27723 was new to South Shields.

Average fleet age: 5.8 years
Spares on PVR: 18.8% (12/64)
Spares overall: 15.8% (12/76)


10        Lingfield Park • Coulby Newham • James Cook University Hospital • Middlesbrough

via Parkway Centre, Newham Way, Marton Manor, Marton Road and Longlands

12        Coulby Newham • Hemlington • Middlesbrough

via Acklam Rd and Linthorpe

13        Salters Lane • Stockton • Portrack • Middlesbrough • Hemlington and Stainton

13A     Salters Lane • Stockton • Portrack • Middlesbrough • Hemlington and Stainton

14        Middlesbrough • Union Street • Trimdon Avenue, Baldoon Sands

via West Lane

34        Middlesbrough • Billingham • High Grange • Low Grange • Middlesbrough


35        Stockton • Billingham • Wolviston Court

via Norton

36        Hartlepool • Greatham • Billingham • Stockton • Middlesbrough

37        North Tees Hospital • Stockton • Middlesbrough


38        Norton Glebe • Stockton • Middlesbrough

39        Park End • North Ormesby • Middlesbrough


52        Owington Farm • Billingham • Stockton

via Low Grange, Billingham Stores and Norton

58        Stockton • Hardwick • University Hospital of North Tees

via Durham Road

59        Stockton High Street • Elm Tree • North Tees Hospital


61        Stockton • Fairfield • Green Vale • Fairfield • Stockton

via Oxbridge

Peak Vehicle Requirements

PVR Operated by Notes
10 3 Enviro300 & MAN 18.220 Operates Monday-Sunday daytime only
12 8 Enviro300, Enviro400  
13 5 MAN 18.220 Operates Monday-Saturday daytime only 
14 2 Enviro300  
34 4 Enviro300 Operates Monday-Sunday daytime only 
35 11
Interworks with 52 & 58
Enviro300 Operates Monday-Sunday daytime only 
36 17 Enviro300
39 4 Enviro300  
52 see 35 Enviro300
59 6 Enviro300
Scholars 4 Enviro400  
TOTAL 64    



Where to go          

for Sightings

It is not possible to view all of the Teesside duties from any one location.  The best option is to split your time between Middlesbrough Bus Station and the North end of Stockton High Street, which together are served by every vehicle in regular revenue service.

for Photos

In Stockton either end of the High Street gives good opportunities for photographs, as do the stands outside of the Castlegate Centre.

In Middlesbrough the layout of the town centre isn't great for photos, but the top of the bus station is probably the best option. Alternatives are Linthorpe Road or Albert Road as buses head out of town.

for Timetables

Stagecoach on Teesside (and indeed Stagecoach North East) now have only one travelshop, on Stockton High Street (Castlegate Centre, near Iceland).  This usually has full stocks of Stagecoach on Teesside timetables as well as Stagecoach in Hartlepool service 1.  In Middlesbrough, a well stocked leaflet carousel is positioned outside of the former Stagecoach on Teesside travelshop in the Bus Station (now an Arriva travelshop).


Please remember trespassing is illegal. Do not enter any depot area without prior permission from Stagecoach.
All of what is described here can been seen from outside the perimeter fence. 

Stagecoach on Teesside is based at Church Road, Stockton-on-Tees (between Church Road and Portrack Lane).

The depot is spacious and has extensive garage space.  A few of the withdrawn members of the Stagecoach North East fleet can usually be found here.


Click HERE to view an aerial map of the depot and surrounding area (external link to Google Maps).




There is only one entrance to the depot, on Portrack Lane.  

The main service fleet park up outside, with deckers along the main perimeter fence and single decks generally in the centre area. Behind this area are the workshops; the doors are usually open but it is set too far back to offer a good view of what's inside. 

The shorter wall of the depot, furthest from the entrance, is generally where withdrawn stock, driver trainers and vehicles just entering/returning to service/awaiting attention park up.

Walking round the two accessible sides of the depot on Portrack Lane gives a pretty good idea of whats ready for service in there, but no further.  A glimpse inside can be viewed by walking along Hill Street East, past the front of the Stagecoach on Teesside offices, but the depot is set back behind a parking area, so is not an especially good view.


how to get there

from A19 (including Middlesbrough)

Take the exit signed A1046 Portrack & Haverton Hill.  At the roundabout turn towards Portrack Lane & Stockton Centre (thats a right turn if coming from the North, a left turn if coming from South).  Follow Portrack Lane along past ASDA over several sets of roundabouts and traffic lights.  There is a roundabout just before Church Road (the major road off the roundabout straight ahead) goes downhill; at this roundabout take the third exit to stay on Portrack Lane.  You will be driving right past the depot on your left.  It is a residential area, so parking is not a problem.


from Stockton Town Centre

Walking: Head north along the High Street towards Debenhams, and then head for Splash (right turn off the High Street onto Church Road).  Cross Maritime Road, head left a little and turn right onto Portrack Lane.  The depot will be on your right, a short way along Portrack Lane.

Driving: From the Castlegate Centre Car Park, join the dual carriageway (A1035, Riverside).  Pass the Princess of Wales Bridge on your right, and follow the road system round to the left onto Maritime Road. The road is one way at this point with four lanes, you want lane 2. Stay on Maritime Road (signed for the A177 & A139). After the junction with the A1046, pass National Tyres on your right and turn right at the next traffic lights, onto Portrack Lane (signed Task and St. Ann's Industrial Estate).  Continue along Portrack Lane and the depot will be on your right.

Busing: Stagecoach on Teesside Service 13 stops outside the depot travelling towards Middlesbrough and Hemlington (from Salters Lane and Stockton Town Centre) and travelling towards Stockton and Salters Lane (coming from Hemlington and Middlesbrough).


Stagecoach Bus Depot 2004-.
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