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as at 10 February 2020



Stagecoach in Sunderland operate a PVR of 90, covered by a network of 18 services stretching from South Bents in the North East and Downhill in the North West to Doxford Park in the South West and Grangetown in the South East. In addition, Sunderland operate interurban eXpress 24 to Newcastle as well as Services E1, E2 and E6 to South Shields, Service X20 (South Shields to Fellgate), Service 30 (South Shields to Cleadon and the Boldons) and Service X34 (Horsley Hill to Newcastle). Sunderland also operate peak time express service X1 to Doxford International Business Park and Works Service 939, though neither attract an increased PVR, both utilising vehicles from the core revenue services.


Fleet Profile

The Stagecoach in Sunderland fleet comprises 102 vehicles, made up of four Enviro400 deckers, three tri-axle Scania Omnilink vehicles for the X24, 15 Enviro300s for the E routes, 40 Enviro300NG gas buses, three Pointer 2 bodied Dart SLFs and 37 Enviro200s (including the fully integrated Dart and the MAN chassis).

All of the Sunderland fleet apart from the gas buses and the Omnilinks carry Stagecoach corporate livery. Many of gas buses carry a modified blue version of the livery featuring hot air balloons, promoting the unique nature of these vehicles. The Omnilinks carry a special two tone blue livery for eXpress 24. A single Enviro400 retains branding for Service X34; and an ever decreasing number of Enviro300s carry branding for Services E1, E2 and E6.

In addition, Sunderland operates two Driver Training Vehicles; Volvo B10M 20551 and MAN 18.220 A69 22073.   

With the exception of the Omnilinks which have premium e-leather interiors with above seat luggage racks, all of the Sunderland fleet were delivered complete with the standard corporate interior. All of the Sunderland fleet have orange Sentence Case digital destination displays.

Meet the Fleet


Four Enviro400 deckers are operated, recently transferred from South Shields: 19641, 19642, 19643 and 19644.

Sunderland operates three former East Scotland Scania Omnilink triaxle vehicles for use on eXpress 24: 24001, 24002 and 24003.

A batch of 15 Enviro300's, purchased for the 'E' services comprise 27726, 27727, 27728, 27729, 27730, 27731, 27732, 27733, 27734, 27735, 27736, 27737, 27738, 27739, and 27740.

Sunderland's newest vehicles are two batches of gas powered Enviro300NG full sized single deckers. The first 17 entered service in Spring 2014: 28001, 28002, 28003, 28004, 28005, 28006, 28007, 28008, 28009, 28010, 28011, 28012, 28013, 28014, 28015, 28016 and 28017. A further 23 were delivered from May to July 2014: 28018, 28019, 28020, 28021, 28022, 28023, 28024, 28025, 28026, 28027, 28028, 28029, 28030, 28031, 28032, 28033, 28034, 28035, 28036, 28037, 28038, 28039 and 28040.

Three Pointer 2 bodied Dart SLFs 34605, 34611 and 35189, remain in active service despite all being officially listed in reserve.

Currently 37 Enviro200s are operated. The total includes 24 integrated Enviro200 chassis examples from two batches: 36091, 36092, 36093, 36094 and 36960, 36961, 36962, 36963, 36964, 36965, 36966, 36967, 36968, 36969, 36970, 36971, 36972, 36973, 36974, 36975, 36976, 36977, 36978, 36980. The balance of 14 Enviro200s, again spread across two batches, have MAN 14.240 chassis: 39672, 39673, 39674, 39675, 39709, 39710, 39711, 39712, 39713, 39714, 39716, 39717 and 39718.

Average fleet age: 7.8 years
Spares on PVR: 13.3% (12/90)
Spares overall: 11.8% (12/102)


E1Sunderland • Whitburn • South Shields

via Roker, Horsley Hill and Pier Head


X1City Centre • Doxford International
Note: Service X1 operates peak times only


E2Sunderland • Whitburn • South Shields

via Fulwell Mill, Horsley Hill and Laygate


3Farringdon • Gilley Law • City Centre • Hylton Castle

via Plains Farm and Cheadle Road


4Doxford Park • East Herrington • City Centre • Downhill

via Mill Hill, Durham Road, Fawcett Street, Southwick, Marley Pots and Red House South


E6Sunderland • Whitburn • South Shields

via Fulwell Road and Harton Nook


8South Hylton • High Barnes • City Centre • Docks

via St Annes, Royal Hospital and University


10Grangetown • City Centre • Pennywell, Quarry View

via Hill View Estate, Eye Infirmary, Royal Hospital and Fordfield Road


11Grangetown • City Centre • Pennywell, Quarry View

via Corporation Road, Hendon Road and St Lukes Cross


12Doxford Park • City Centre • Town End Farm

via Silksworth, Tunstall Road, Fawcett Street, Southwick, North Hylton Road and Washington Road


13Doxford Park • City Centre • Town End Farm

via Farringdon, Gilley Law, Silksworth Lane, Fawcett Street, Southwick, North Hylton Road and Hylton Lane


16Hastings Hill • City Centre • Red House Estate

via Grindon, Somerset Road, Royal Hospital, University, Southwick and Witherwack


18Gilley Law • Thorney Close • Grindon • Southwick • Seaburn • City Centre

via Pennywell, Royal Hospital, Fulwell and Roker



18AGrangetown • Thorney Close • Grindon • Southwick • Seaburn • City Centre

via Pennywell, Royal Hospital, Fulwell and Roker

Note: Service 18A operates school times only


20Pennywell • City Centre, Fawcett Street

via Hylton Road


X20South Shields Market • Fellgate

via Chichester, Tyne Dock and Newcastle Road


23Thorney Close • City Centre • Dene Estate

via Durham Road and Fulwell Road


X24Sunderland, Fawcett Street • Chester Road • Gateshead • Newcastle, Pilgrim Street


X24ASunderland, Fawcett Street • Chester Road • Doxford International • Gateshead • Newcastle, Pilgrim Street


30South Shields Market • Cleadon • The Boldons • Boldon Asda & Cineworld


X34Horsley Hill • Newcastle, Pilgrim Street

via Boldon Asda and Gateshead


Peak Vehicle Requirements

PVR   Operated by   Notes
E1 15   Enviro300  
X1 3*   Any   Operates peak times Monday-Friday only.
  *Uses vehicles from other PVRs
3 9   Enviro300NG, Enviro200    
4 10   Enviro200, Enviro300NG    
8 2   Enviro200, Dart SLF  
10 10   Enviro200
12 11   Enviro300NG, Enviro200   Service 12 operates Monday-Saturday daytime only
16 10   Enviro300NG, Enviro200
18 2   Enviro200, Dart SLF    Operates Monday-Saturday daytime only
20 5   Enviro300NG, Enviro200  
X20 1   Enviro200  
23 8   Enviro200, Enviro300NG  
X24 3   Scania Omnilink, Enviro300NG   Operates Monday to Saturday only
X24A   Operates Monday to Friday peak times only
30 1   Enviro200  
X34 3   Enviro400   Operates Monday to Saturday only
TOTAL 90    


Where to go          

for Sightings  

All 85 duties which operate on Sunderland's daytime routes pass the junction of Fawcett Street/Holmeside/Burdon Road/Borough Road in the City Centre (corner of Wilkinsons/Yates/Museum/Jameson). Services X20, 30 and X34 do not operate within the City; please refer to the Stagecoach in South Shields and Stagecoach in Newcastle Operations Profiles for Where to go for these services.

Alternatives to the City Centre are the site of the former Prospect Hotel on Durham Road which is served by routes 3, 4, 18, 18A & 23 or The Green, Southwick which is served by routes 3, 4, 12, 13, 16, 18 & 18A.

for Photos  

In the City Centre, the junction of John Street/St Thomas Street provides good setting for photos with all duties except those on routes 8, 10, 11, & X24 passing the junction. 

Alternatively, the junction of Vine Place and Old Stockton Road provides a good opportunity for photos of all South/West bound services out of the city, with all duties except those on Services E1, E2, E6, 18 & 18A passing the junction.

Outside the City Centre, the junction of Allendale Road/Silksworth Road offers routes 3, 4, 13, and 18 while Grindon (Gleneagles Road) offers routes 16, 18 & 18A.  

for Timetables  

Stagecoach in Sunderland no longer have a travelshop in the City, however the Nexus Travelcentre in the Interchange normally has a decent stock. Some of the branch libraries keep stocks of local route timetables.

The Stagecoach North East head office at the Wheatsheaf has timetables for all Stagecoach North East services.


Please remember trespassing is illegal. Do not enter any depot area without prior permission from Stagecoach.
All of what is described here can been seen from outside the perimeter fence. 

Stagecoach in Sunderland is based at the Wheatsheaf Depot in Monkwearmouth, adjacent to the Wheatsheaf Offices - head office of Stagecoach North East. The Wheatsheaf depot is relatively modern and has extensive garage capabilities.  In addition, the main Stagecoach North East paintshop is housed at the rear of the depot.

Click HERE to view an aerial map of the depot and surrounding area (external link to Google Maps).


The main entrance to the depot (Gate 1) is on Dundas Street. The main service fleet park up at the front.

Behind this area are the 17 workshops, if you're lucky the doors may be open and if so views of some of what's inside may be seen from the sides of the depot on Dundas Street:

and Thomas Street North:

The rear of the depot (Gate 2) is where the Driver Trainers are stored and is also home to the Paintshop. Workshop 18 is used for rubbing down and 19 through 24 are used in connection with repaints.

Walking round all four sides of the depot gives a pretty good idea of whats in there, depending how many workshop gates are open. 
There is a free car park right outside the depot which is rarely full, and there is usually plenty of on road parking, unless you visit on a match day (not recommended!).


how to get there

from outside of Sunderland
Leave the A19 at either the A690, A183 or A1231, then:-
- from A690/A183: follow signs for City Centre and pick up signs for Wearmouth Bridge, then follow 'from City Centre' below for detailed directions.
- from A1231: follow signs for Southwick then Wearmouth Bridge/Monkwearmouth, then follow 'from Southwick' below for detailed directions.

from City Centre

Walking: Cross Wearmouth Bridge (Northbound) and head along North Bridge Street until you come to the intersection with Dundas Street (opposite the Total garage). Head right, into Dundas Street and the depot will be ahead on yor left.

Driving: Heading North on Wearmouth Bridge/North Bridge Street, get into the right hand lane. Straight over the first set of traffic lights, turn right into Dundas Street just before the second set of lights (opposite the Total garage).  The depot is ahead on the left.

Busing: Catch any bus which crosses Wearmouth Bridge from Fawcett Street (Services 3, 4, 13, 16, 19, 23, E1, E2 or E6) and ask for the Wheatsheaf.  Services 3, 4, 13 & 16 are the easiest options - they are frequent and stop just across the road from the Wheatsheaf Offices (immediately after the second set of traffic lights once over the Wearmouth Bridge.  Services 19, 23, E1 and E6 stop on Roker Avenue, just a short walk back to the depot. Service E2 stops on Newcastle Road, across the busy Wheatsheaf traffic junction.  To return to the City Centre, catch any bus from directly outside the Wheatsheaf Offices.

from Newcastle Road
Walking: You need to be on the left hand side of the road, walking towards the City Centre.  Pass the large Tesco supermarket on your left hand side and continue over the road, with the Wheatsheaf pub in front of you.  Just past the Wheatsheaf pub are the Stagecoach offices, and behind those, the depot.
Driving: Heading towards the City Centre, pass Tesco as described above. Follow the gyratory system round to the left onto the A1018, Roker Avenue (you'll see the depot across Thomas Street North, which runs parallel on your right). Before the traffic lights at Lidl take a right hand turn (onto George Street North), turn right at the mini roundabout and park up on Thomas Street North.
Busing: Several services operated by Stagecoach and Go North East serve Newcastle Road and pass the Wheatsheaf.  All should stop outside the Stagecoach offices.


from Southwick
Walking: Head towards the City Centre/Seaburn/Monkwearmouth, pass the Stadium of Light on your right.  You will reach a major traffic junction with a large Tesco across the road on the left. you need to cross over toward Tesco then head righttoward the Wheatsheaf pub. The Head Office and depot are just next to the pub.
Driving: Head towards the City Centre/Seaburn/Monkwearmouth, pass the Stadium of Light.  You will reach the traffic junction as detailed above.  Follow signage for the A1018, Roker Avenue and follow the directions 'from Newcastle Road' above.
Busing: Stagecoach services 3 (towards Farringdon), 4/13 (towards Doxford Park) and 16 (towards Hastings Hill) all serve the Wheatsheaf from Southwick, stopping outside the Stagecoach offices, as do a number of services operated by Go North East.


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