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Updated to 28 October 2017     

Which depot has the youngest fleet, the oldest vehicle, the most operational spare vehicles? You can find out here.

In both tables, each of the six depots which form Stagecoach North East are represented in normal typeface and depot rank is indicated in [square brackets] for relevant analyses.  For ease of comparison, a combined analysis for both Newcastle depot is included in italics in each table but 'Newcastle' is not included in the ranking (this being reserved for individual depots).

The Northern and Southern divisions are summarised in bold in each table, followed by an overall summary for Stagecoach North East as a whole.


Table 1: Fleet Age

A straightforward look at the average fleet age and the two extremes - youngest & oldest.

Fleet Age Summary


Table 2: Age, Accessibility & Capacity

A comparison of spare capacity and an alterative way of looking at the fleet age.
    % spares (operations) reflects the percentage of the total fleet which is spare (against total PVR).
    % spares (fleet) reflects the percentage of the total fleet which is spare (against total fleet).

Age & Capacity Summary

    Hartlepool has the highest total spare vehicle percentage in the North East.
    Walkergate has the lowest proportion of spare vehicles in the North East.
    Slatyford have the most vehicles over 10 years of age, with 31 vehicles (representing almost a third of their fleet) being over a decade old. Teesside have the next highest proportion, with one in five of their fleet being aged 10 years or older.
    Hartlepool now have no vehicles over 10 years old.
    Around one in eight of the total Stagecoach North East fleet are now aged 10 years or older.

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