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LAST UPDATED: 8 October 2019

Welcome to news shorts from the Stagecoach North East Bus Depot. News will appear here in chronological order. When one of our special news publications is released, it will appear below as a news item.

Any news to report? Contact us using the menu link above or to submit photos for inclusion please email Full credit will be given for any news or photographs used.

BUSWAYS BITS      8 October 2019

Recent Enviro200s to return to frontline service include Slatyford based integral 36476 and South Shields' MAN 14.240 engined example 39705.

In other news, boomerang MAN 18.220 A69 22022 has switched Newcastle depots once again, returning from Slatyford to Walkergate.

TRANSIT TRANSFERS      8 October 2019

Teesside are currently taking delivery of a batch of brand new Enviro200MMC single decks (longer 11.8m variants), for use on flagship Services 36, 37 & 38. The batch of 18 are to be numbered 26276-26293 and registered SN69ZHA/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/J/K/L/M/O/P/R/T/U/V, respectively. The first examples of the batch are already in service on Teesside, with MAN 18.220 A69s 22016, 22020 and 22061 together with Enviro300 bodied MAN 18.240 24103 withdrawn to date as a result. 22020 has entered service at Walkergate and 24103 at Slatyford. The arrival of 22020 at Walkergate ostensibly replaces Kinetic bodied MAN 18.240 22513, which has been off the road for some time and is not expected to see further service.

SPECIAL EDITION 10 September 2019

Click the link below to download our special edition news publication:

Great North Run 2019 Illustrated Event Report

TYNESIDE TRANSFER      7 September 2019

Former Slatyford based 19195 has followed 19194/96 'home' to Walkergate following the loss of 19204/06/07/11 to Teesside from Walkergate.

Above: 19195 is pictured operating Walkergate's Service 1 the first day after arrival from Slatyford. Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot

TYNE TEES TRANSFERS      2 September 2019

Following the collapse of independent operator Stagecarriage, Stagecoach on Teesside have won contracts to operate three scholars contracts to and from Prior Pursglove College in Guisborough, commencing 3rd Septmeber. Service 1 will operate from Wacky Warehouse Redcar to the college, Service 2 from Marske Roundabout and Service 6 from Normanby Top. The three services are each timed to arrive at the college at 0840 and to depart 1610. As such, the Teesside PVR increases by three vehicles.

To cover this requirement, four Enviro400 deckers, 19204, 19206, 19207 and 19211 have transferred to Teesside from Walkergate.

Above: 19204 is pitcured in the depot yard at Stockton. Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot

Replacements on Tyneside have taken the form of Enviro300s 24102 and 24104, both of which arrived at Slatyford yesterday and entered service there today.

Above: 24102 and 24104 are pitcured shortly after arrival at Slatyford depot. Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot

Temporarily completing the transfers, Slatyford Envro400s 19194 and 19196 transferred over to Walkergate, both operating for the latter today.

Above: 19194 is pictured operating Walkgerate's Service 1 following transfer today. Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot

DEAD MANS      2 September 2019

With various new contracts to fulfil, vehicle availability is tight therefore it is less than ideal that several of the MAN fleet are currently off the road on Tyneside, with 22069, 22346 and 22513 all long term VOR. Kinetic bodided 22510 has returned to service, though for how long this time is anyone's guess! As noted in the fleetlist, other vehicles currently off the road include Slatyford's 36476 and South Shields' 36479 and 39705.

Above: 22069 appears to be undergoing cannibalisation at Slatyford. Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot

Above: 22346 has resided in the depot at Slatyford for some time now. Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot

SLATYFORD SHORTS      4 August 2019

Slatyford currently have on loan from Walkergate MAN 18.220 A69 22022 and Enviro400 19437, the latter of which was supposed to be in Sunderland for the summer.

RETURN OF THE MAN      27 July 2019

MAN 18.220 A69 22424, which was a recent summer transfer from Walkergate to Slatyford (as reported below) has returned somewhat ahead of schedule to Walkergate.

Thanks also to Robin Tait for spotting an error in the current edition of the fleetlist; MAN 14.240 39719 did not transfer from South Shields to Sunderland as part of the June changes, and remains in South Tyneside. This will be corrected in the next edition of the fleetlist and allocation card.

BUSMAN'S HOLIDAYS      15 July 2019

As usual, the PVR on Service 1 has reduced seeing Walkergate's decker allocation reduce accordingly; this year 19437 heading south to Sunderland, to provide increased capacity on Services E1, E2 and E6 over the summer holidays.

Also on the move is Walkergate's 22424, which today was working the Slatyford express network, pictured below at Kingston Park.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot

LACKLUSTRE LEGENDS      14 June 2019

As part of the new partnership between Stagecoach North East and Sunderland AFC, three vehicles from the Sunderland fleet have been earmarked to receive a new livery featuring images from the SAFC Hall of Fame which launches later this month.

The first of the vehicles to emerge wearing the new livery is 36975, pictured below. The yellow base colour chosen for the additional vinyls is an odd choice and appears rather washed out, while the 'Honouring our Legends' lettering is in a rather dull font face similar to that once used for the Metrocentre Shuttle. Let us know your thoughts on the new livery!

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot

EYECATCHING E400      11 June 2019

Walkergate's 19206 now sports an eye-catching three quater wrap advertisement for Nuii ice cream.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot

In other news, 28019 is the latest of the gas buses to be repainted at Sunderland.

OPEN TOP CULTURE      19 May 2019

Yesterday evening saw Stagecoach in Newcastle once again operate Service LS1, a free culture tour of evening attractions throughout Newcastle and Gateshead as part of the annual Late Shows culture crawl. This year following the move of the open top fleet from Slatyford, the LS1 was operated from Walkergate depot. While the timetable would allow for three vehicle operation, four vehicles are allocated with significant layover at the Discovery Museum. In theory, the allocation should be all open-top however with 17645 off the road, the service was operated by Seasider-branded 17239 and 17240, all-over white 17643 and corporate livery closed top Enviro400MMC 10636.

Patronage seemed notably lower than previous years, perhaps not helped by the inclement weather.

17240 was 'Bus A'

17239 was 'Bus B'

17643 was 'Bus C'

10636 was 'Bus D'

All photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot

In other news, recent repaints at Sunderland comprise gas buses 28028 and 28039, both into corporate livery.

All photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot

Meanwhile Walkergate's three Whopper deckers have lost their ads in favour of standard corporate livery while over at Slatyford MAN 18.220s 22068 and 22443 have both returned to service following several weeks out of use.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot

IT'S A WHOPPER!      23 April 2019

Three of Walkergate's Enviro400s have received eyecatching if somewhat unusual three quarter wraps advertising the Whopper burger. The sides and rear are plain white with just black lettering spelling out WHOPP R wrapped around the rear sides, with a photo of the burger, strangely, in place of the letter E. Those so treated comprise 19218, 19379 and 19443.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot

In other news, Sunderland's 28026 is the latest gas bus to be repainted to corporate livery.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot

OH I DO LIKE TO BE BESIDE THE...      13 April 2019

Today saw the launch of Stagecoach North East's new open top Seasider service, operating half hourly between North Shields and Whitley Bay via Tynemouth and Cullercoats. Using vehicles from the now defunct City Sightseeing Newcastle Gateshead service, the pair operating the service today were 17240 and 17645 - both looking stunning in their eyecatching blue and yellow livery. Watch out for our Seasider special feature coming soon!

Stagecoach North East Seasider 17240 X368NNO

Stagecoach North East Seasider 17645 W645RND

Stagecoach North East Seasider 17240 X368NNO

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot

CORPORATE COMEBACK      18 March 2019

Following several months off the road, Sunderland's 28102 has returned to service having been treated to a repaint to corporate livery, leaving only four of the inital batch in gas bus livery.

TYNESIDE TRANSFER      14 March 2019

Former Teesside-based MAN 18.220 A69 22026 was noted working for Slatyford yesterday, operating Services 10 & 11.

FINAL FIVE      13 February 2019

A further Sunderland based Gas bus 28005 has received repaint to corporate livery, leaving only five of the original batch of 17 to remain in gas bus livery. Apologies for the poor photo quality!

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot

SPECIAL EDITION 13 February 2019

Click the link below to download our special edition news publication:

Feature Article All Change! - 13 February 2019

BACK IN BUSiness      29 January 2019

Previously reported in news shorts earlier in the month as having reappeared at the rear of the depot, Kinetic bodied MAN 18.240 A69 22509 has returned to active service, operating the Slatyford expresses today.

REPAINT ROUNDUP      27 January 2019

The pace of repaints to corporate livery slowed over the festive period however January 2019 has seen three vehicles completed to date; South Shields' Enviro200 37319 is Dotty no more while Sunderland gas buses 28015 and 28017 have also lost their branding in favour of standard fleet livery, leaving only a handful of the original batch of gas buses to be so treated.

IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED      15 January 2019

Enviro200 36473 has finally transferred to Slatyford following return to service after engine repairs at South Shields. The vehicle was observed heading toward Newcastle from Shields late this evening. 39715 is expected to have moved in the opposite direction.

In other news, long time withdrawn Kinetic bodied MAN 18.240 A69 22509 has reappeared at the rear of Slatyford depot, apparently still intact.


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