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LAST UPDATED: 25 June 2018

Welcome to news shorts from the Stagecoach North East Bus Depot. News will appear here in chronological order. When one of our special news publications is released, it will appear below as a news item.

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The Wheatsheaf paintshops have been busy over the last few weeks with no less than five vehicles losing branding in favour of corporate livery so far in June. The three most recent are Walkergate's 12066, South Shields' 27733 and Sunderland's 28024, which join 12073 & 28036 which were noted in the Vehicle Profiles earlier this month.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

The last MAN 14.240 indigenous to Sunderland, 39727, has departed and joined the fleet at Slatyford. There has been no replacement at Sunderland and no apparent resulting withdrawal as yet at Slatyford.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

FEELING BLUE?      10 June 2018

Although not yet publicised, the City Sightseeing Newcastle Gateshead operation will be expanding from 22 June 2018. For the first time in a decade, a second route will operate, with the resurrection of the Red Route and the new Blue Route. The existing route (CS1) will be named the Red Route while a new service, CS2, will be introduced serving Ouseburn. The Blue Route last operated, albeit on a different footprint, back in 2008. The Blue Route will operate half hourly, using a single vehicle. During the summer peak, the City Sightseeing PVR will be 3. With both services operating 7 days per week and only one spare vehicle, it will be interesting to observe whether all runs are open top operated. The Blue Route will run until 8th September.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2008

An unexpected visitor at Slatyford depot is Alexander ALX400 bodied Dennis Trident 17430 LX51FKD, latterly operating with Stagecoach East Scotland, from where it was sold to Ferrymill Motors (Glasgow) in March 2018. The vehicle is currently parked up at Slatyford, still in full Stagecoach livery complete with fleetnumber. The reason for this vehicle's presence at Slatyford is unknown.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

IT'S ALL GONE A BIT YUTONG      24 April 2018

Following directly from a period with Go North East, Stagecoach North East has acquired fully-electric Yutong E12 demonstrator YK66CBC. Having spent the day in the depot undergoing preparation service, it now carries a small Stagecoach logo and has ticketing equipment fitted. The vehicle will see use on Service 100, though due to the unusually small destination display, it is likely that only the terminal destination point will be displayed.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

SLATYFORD SWAPS      24 April 2018

Change continues apace at Slatyford as the Kinetic cull continues. 22514 joins 22515 in moving South to Teesside, with 22066 joining 22065 on Tyneside in exchange. Both ALX300s have entered service at Slatyford while neither Kinetic has yet graced the streets of Teesside. At least when they do, the plumes of black smog that follow the batch will not be out of place in their new environs!

Walkergate have also shared in the pain, receiving 22512 & 22513 from Slatyford, with ALX300 bodied 22341 & 22342 moving in the opposite direction.
These changes have left Slatyford services Kinetic free for now, with the four remaining members of the batch seemingly requiring attention in the depot for the last few weeks...

Now Slatyford-based 22066 is seen looking smart in Newcastle City Centre as it heads for West Denton Shops operating a 11.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

Another new arrival at Slatyford, former Walkergate based 22341 is seen operating Service 10 on Grainger Street, heading for West Denton Park.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

Also in use at Slatyford this weekend, Walkergate-based 22022 was standing in for a regular vehicle on the Slatyford expresses on Saturday.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

MAN MOVES      15 April 2018

It's been all stations go at Slatyford this week as the last Kinetic 22511 finally entered service, some 22 months after arriving in the region! Worry not though, after one day's service, the heap was parked up in it familiar space against the rear fence of the depot, preumably taking a not so well earned rest!

Slatyford's 22511, complete with ticketing equipment at last, seen resting in the depot the day after it's debut in service.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

Sadly the long awaited debut of 22511 did not result in the batch being reunited in service at Slatyford as the same day saw 22515 transfer to Teesside, with ALX300 bodied 22065 making the move in the opposite direction.

Slatyford's latest arrival, 22065 is seen operating Service X47 arriving at Kingston Park.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018


Click the link below to download our special edition news publication:

Feature Article Stockton Depot Open Day - 8 April 2018

REPAINT RALLY      8 April 2018

The paintshops at the Wheatsheaf continue apace following the strategic agenda to get the leet into standard corporate livery. The latest pair, 12086 and 28037 - both fresh out of the paintshop - were on display at the Stockton Depot Open Day held today to mark the 50 year anniversary of Teesside Municipal Transport. A complete event report will be posted soon; in the meantime, the photos below depict the fresh look for this pair of vehicles.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

BACK IN SERVICE      23 March 2018

Following an extended period out of use, Slatyford's 22345 has returned to service, pictured below operating on Service X87 today. Meanwhile, similar 22022 has returned from Slatyford to Walkergate.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

ENVIRO EXCEPTION!      14 March 2018

While the majority of the Newcastle fleet is composed of Enviro's, one very definitely not ENVIROnmentally friendly return to service is Slatyford's 22508. This heap has once again returned to the main service fleet following a period out of service with engine problems. Based on the plumes of thick black smoke emitted every time the vehicle accelerates, the problems appear unresolved despite it's return! These two shots illustrate the vehicle, in operation today on the Slatyford expresses, the second shot showing the very visible pollution of the air of Newcastle's outer west end, complete with filthy rear end where soot deposits appear to have been (badly) cleaned away.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018


Walkergate's 12063 has emerged from the paintshops as expected wearing corporate livery. It returned to service yesterday, looking immaculate on Service 22.

Meanwhile, at South Shields 19642 continues to receive mechanical attention at Dean Road.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

In other news, last seen as a Christmas collection point in Newcastle, then back to storage at Sunderland, 34611 is now at South Shields depot.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

WE'RE HERE TO GET YOU THERE      4 March 2018

Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete our user survey last year. Your feedback has been very useful and work has been going on behind the scenes to deliver some improvements as a result. One of the most frequent bits of feedback was around navigation of the site on mobile and tablet devices - the site menus (and some of the layout) has been revamped, and hopefully accessibility should have significantly improved. Please let us know whether the changes have improved your mobile browsing experience, or indeed if you are still experiencing issues.

Your feedback indicated that the Fleet Stats section wasn't popular so this feature has been discontinued, though fleet age/spares information has been incorporated into the Operations Profiles. As one door closes, however, another opens - watch this space for more information on exciting new features being developed in response to suggestions made in the User Survey. The survey responses indicated you loved our photos so we've made some big improvements to photos across the site, including increasing their number and providing direct access to full-size versions. Don't forget to let us know what you think!

SINGLE DECK SWAP      4 March 2018

For reasons unknown, Stagecoach in Newcastle are converting Service 18 to double deck operation, despite the majority of trips struggling to attract loads sufficient to fill a minibus. Despite the lack of demand (peak times excepted), Walkergate are sending MAN 18.220 A69s to Slatyford in exchange for deckers. The first swap saw 19204 return to Walkergate with 22343 heading to Slatyford. More recently 22022 has transferred to Slatyford; it is not yet known which decker - which could arguably be much better used on the Slatyford expresses - will be transferring to Walkergate in exchange.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot


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