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24001-03       SP57CN-


These three vehicles are part of a batch of nine tri-axle Scania Omnilink bodied Scania K270UB6 high-capacity, high-specification single deck buses. The batch were delivered from new to Stagecoach East Scotland in September 2007, entering service from Dunfermline depot the following month. All nine vehicles, numbered 24001-09, carried the Stagecoach corporate livery with distinctive eXperience city connect branding.

Pictured operating one of the routes for which it was originally purchased, 24002 SP57CNF is seen operating with Stagecoach East Scotland on Service 55 to Dunfermline. Note the eXperience city connect branding, as worn by the batch from new.

Photo © bobbyblack51 2012

Reflecting their role on lengthy interurban flagship routes, the Omnilinks were delivered with high-specification interiors with high-backed leather seats, overhead luggage racks, free passenger wifi and power sockets. Though a later modification added in early 2015, the tinted windows, while making the interior rather dark, do add a touch of class to the vehicles, as do the dark, soft leather seats.

The batch retained the eXperience city connect branding from new until late 2014/early 2015, when 24001/03/05/07 were repainted to Stagecoach corporate livery. Around a year later, these vehicles received eXpress city connect branding.

September 2015 saw 24004 become the first of the batch to leave Stagecoach East Scotland, travelling north to Stagecoach North Scotland P6. 24004 entered service at Aberdeen in November 2015, wearing navy and grey JET livery.

In February 2016, 24007 was withdrawn to reserve at East Scotland, where it remained until July 2016, when it was loaned to Stagecoach West. August 2016 saw 24006/08/09 withdrawn to reserve following East Scotland network changes. The following month saw 24001/02/03/05 withdrawn to reserve and 24007 return to the East Scotland reserve fleet. All eight remaining East Scotland vehicles were listed for disposal in October 2016.

November 2016 saw 24001/02/03 transfer to Stagecoach North East, where they underwent preparation for new service X24. 24005-09 remain listed for disposal with East Scotland.

Seen wearing the refreshed eXpress city connect branding, 24003 SP57CNJ is operating Stagecoach East Scotland Service X55 to Dunfermline.

Photo © Kieran Thomson 2016

The registrations of the batch in the North East are as follows:


24001 SP57CNE
24002 SP57CNF
24003 SP57CNJ

On arrival in the North East, 24001-03 were repainted to a special two tone blue livery with gold eXpress 24 branding for a new express route between Sunderland and Newcastle which commenced operations in January 2017. Service X24 is operated from the Wheatsheaf depot, where 24001-03 are based.

These vehicles are currently operated in the North East by Sunderland.

Numerically the eldest of the batch, 24001 SP57CNE is pictured on Borough Road, Sunderland, about to depart for Newcastle adorned in the striking two-tone blue livery for Service X24.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2017

The rest of the batch

24004 continues to operate for Stagecoach North Scotland, based at Aberdeen, wearing JET livery.



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