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LAST UPDATED: 24 April 2019





28001-17 are Scania K270UB on an ADL Enviro300 body. These vehicles were delivered from new to Sunderland in February 2014 as the first gas buses for the depot, and indeed the company. Given their unique nature, the vehicles were painted in a special livery, in various shades of blue and adorned with hot air balloon graphics and promotional wording highlighting the cleaner, quieter ride offered by the gas bus. The buses also feature distinctive pods on the roof, which hold the gas tanks. They are otherwise similar to other Enviro300 bodied vehicles, with orange scrolling sentence case destination displays and standard corporate interiors.

Service 16 was one of the first to become gas bus operated, therefore it's fitting to include a shot of the first of the batch, 28001, pictured on Vine Place, operating the route towards Hastings Hill.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2016

The registrations of the batch are as follows:


28001 YN63BXO
28002 YN63BXP
28003 YN63BXW
28004 YN63BXY
28005 YN63BXV
28006 YN63BXX
28007 YN63BXJ
28008 YN63BXF
28009 YN63BXG
28010 YN63BXK
28011 YN63BXS
28012 YN63BXH
28013 YN63BXL
28014 YN63BXM
28015 YN63BXR
28016 YN63BXE
28017 YN63BXU

The vehicles seat 43 passengers and offer passengers free wifi. All 17 vehicles entered service, on routes 16 & 20, on 27 February 2014, having been unveiled a couple of weeks earlier at a special open day held at the Wheatsheaf depot. The first of the batch having arrived in December 2013, the vehicles were stored mostly at the Wheatsheaf but some (28005/12-17) at Walkergate, for several weeks until the purpose built gas filling station at the Wheatsheaf depot was complete.

Upon entering service, the batch replaced many of the DDA non-compliant MAN 18.220 A69s at Sunderland, comprising 22172, 22727/29/32/36 (to Disposal), 22734 to South Shields, 22735 to Walkergate (replacing B10LE 21153), 22467/86/87/88/89, 22731/33 to Teesside (replacing 22174/93/95/99, 22201/06) and 22495, 22728/30 (to Stagecoach Cumbria and North Lancashire) 22467/86/87.

The batch is currently undergoing repaint to standard corporate livery, with 28002 the first to emerge in late October 2017. After something of a break, the next examples to emerge were 28010 in early February 2018, 28006 mid-February, 28009 at the end of the same month and 28007 in late March 2018. The final repaints of the batch during 2018 were 28014 followed by 28001 in August 2018, 28013 in October 2018 and 28011 in early November 2018. After a break at the end of the year, a further pair of the batch, 28015 and 28017, were completed in January 2019 followed by 28005 in February 2019 and 28012 in March 2019.

Seen operating one of the two variants of Service 3, Sunderland's 28010 is destined for Gilley Law.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

In February 2019, Sunderland's fleet received updates to their destination displays, to show a large terminal point with via points below that swiped, rather than scrolled.

Illustrating two of the new style destinations, still wearing gas bus livery 28008 heads for Hastings Hill on Service 16 (left) while corporate liveried 28012 is seen in New Silksworth, as a 13 heading for Doxford Park (right).

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2019

These vehicles are currently operated in the North East by Sunderland.



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