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YR14C--, YP14TG-


28018-40 formed the second part of an order of ADL Enviro300 bodied Scania K270UB gas buses for Sunderland. These vehicles were delivered in June 2014, increasing the size of the gas bus fleet to 40 and enabling services 3 & 13 to be converted to gas operation. Like the earlier batch, the vehicles were painted in a special livery, in various shades of blue and adorned with hot air balloon graphics and promotional wording highlighting the cleaner, quieter ride offered by the gas bus. The buses also feature distinctive pods on the roof, which hold the gas tanks. They are otherwise similar to conventional Enviro300 bodied vehicles, with orange scrolling sentence case destination displays and standard corporate interiors.

Service 16 was one of the first gas bus operated routes in Sunderland. Here, 28020 is pictured operating the service bound for Hastings Hill.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2015

The registrations of the batch are as follows:


28018 YR14CFP
28019 YR14CFU
28020 YR14CFV
28021 YR14CFX
28022 YR14CFY
28023 YR14CFZ
28024 YR14CGE
28025 YR14CGF
28026 YR14CGF
28027 YR14CGK
28028 YR14CGO
28029 YR14CGU
28030 YR14CGV
28031 YR14CGX
28032 YR14CFM
28033 YR14CFN
28034 YR14CFO
28035 YR14TGE
28036 YR14TGF
28037 YR14TGJ
28038 YR14TGK
28039 YR14TGN
28040 YR14TGO

The vehicles seat 43 passengers and offer passengers free wifi

All 23 vehicles entered service during June 2014, replacing 23 ALX300 bodied MAN 18.220 A69's - 22190, 22462, 22672/73/75 were placed into Reserve, 22196 moved to Teesside replacing 22465 which was listed For Disposal, 22453/63/64/68/90/91 were sold to Stagecoach East Midlands, 22494 & 22664 moved to West Scotland, 22666 moved to Hartlepool and 22021/72-78 were transferred to Slatyford, releasing 22472-77 - which moved to Teesside, replacing 22470 (to Reserve), 22658/59 (to East Midlands) and 22731 (to Hartlepool) - and 22478/82 which were placed in Reserve.

These vehicles are currently operated in the North East by Sunderland.



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