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as at 10 June 2018



Stagecoach in Newcastle operate from two depots in the city; Slatyford in the West and Walkergate in the East.  On the public facing side, these two divisions form a cohesive operation under the common name Stagecoach in Newcastle.  From an operational point of view, there is also cross-over between the two depots, an obvious example being the joint operation of flagship services 62 & 63.   


Walkergate operates a PVR of 86, covered by a network of ten regular services. In addition to regular stage carriage services, Walkergate also operate occassional Services 991 & 995 (neither of which attract an increase to the overall PVR) and also house the North East Megabus fleet.


Slatyford operates a PVR of 83, covered by a network of 22 regular services, including Metrocentre Shuttle Service 100. In addition to the regular services, Slatyford also operates occassional Services 8, 68 & X79 (none of which attract an increase to the overall PVR) and operates the City Sightseeing NewcastleGateshead Tours under franchise to City Sightseeing (see separate Operations Profile for City Sightseeing).


The combined Stagecoach in Newcastle operation (excluding the Megabus and City Sightseeing operations) therefore involves a PVR of 169, covered by a network of 32 regular services.


The Stagecoach in Newcastle network serves the majority of the city's suburbs from Wallsend and Walker in the East to Throckley and Leazes in the West and further afield to Ponteland and Newcastle Airport in the North and Gateshead Metrocentre to the South.

Fleet Profile
The Walkergate fleet comprises 99 vehicles (excluding Megabus). The total of 99 is made up of 26 Enviro400H hybrid deckers, 69 Enviro400 deckers (seven of which are the new MMC variant) and four MAN saloons. Walkergate also have one Driver Training Vehicle; MAN 18.220 22076.


The Slatyford fleet comprises 98 vehicles (excluding City Sightseeing). The total of 98 is comprised of 24 Enviro400 deckers (of which 17 are the new MMC variant), 27 ALX300 bodied MAN saloons, three ELC Kinetic bodied MAN saloons, 18 new MMC Enviro200s, seven Enviro300 bodied single decks and 19 Enviro200 midis.  In addition, Slatyford has two Driver Training Vehicles; Volvo B10Ms 20550 & 20553.


Meet the Walkergate Fleet

Walkergate operate eight Euro 6 engined Enviro400s, one of which is on the original design 10000 and came to Newcastle via Manchester, while the remainder, 10631, 10632, 10633, 10634, 10635, 10636 and 10637 are the new MMC variant, new to Walkergate.

A batch of 26 Hybrid electric Enviro400H decekers were purchased in 2011 for Services 39 & 40: 12061, 12062, 12063, 12064, 12065, 12066, 12067, 12068, 12069, 12070, 12071, 12072, 12073, 12074, 12075, 12076, 12077, 12078, 12079, 12080, 12081, 12082, 12083, 12084, 12085 and 12086.

A total of 61 Euro 5 engined Enviro400 operate from Walkergate, spread across five batches: 19204, 19205, 19206, 19207,19208, 19209, 19210, 19211, 19212, 19213, 19214, 19215, 19216, 19217, 19218, 19219, 19379, 19380, 19381, 19382, 19383, 19384, 19385, 19386, 19387, 19388, 19389, 19430, 19431, 19432, 19433, 19434, 19435, 19436, 19437, 19438, 19439, 19440, 19441, 19442, 19443, 19444, 19445, 19446, 19645, 19646, 19647, 19670, 19671, 19672, 19673, 19674, 19675, 19676, 19677, 19678, 19679, 19680, 19681, 19682 and 19683.

Two ELC Kinetic bodied MAN 18.240s have recently transferred over from Slatyford: 22512 and 22513. In addition, Walkergate also continue to operate active reserve ALX300 bodied MAN 18.220s 22022 and 22024.

All of the standard Enviro400s, the Kinetics and ALX300 bodied MAN 18.220s carry Stagecoach corporate livery. Two of the Enviro400's (19385/87) additionally retain route branding for Club 22. The Enviro400H fleet, with the exception of 12063/72/73/77/86, carry a modified green and white version of the Stagecoach in Newcastle livery. Most (10633-37) of the MMC variant Enviro400s carry #BUSPEOPLE branding.


All of Walkergate's standard Enviro400's and MANs were delivered complete with the new style interior. The hybrids carry a green variation on the corporate interior. The Enviro400 MMCs carry high spec e-leather interiors.


All of the Walkergate fleet carry scrolling orange Sentence Case digital destination displays, with the exception of 22024 which retains a yellow non-scrolling destination display.



Walkergate Average fleet age: 8.2 years
Spares overall: 13.1% (13/99)
Spares on PVR: 15.1% (13/86)

Meet the Slatyford Fleet

Slatyford operates a fleet of 17 Enviro400 MMCs: 10638, 10639, 10640, 10641, 10642, 10643, 10644, 10645, 10646, 10647, 10648, 10649, 10650, 10651, 10652, 10653 and 10654.

Slatyford retain a fleet of seven older type Enviro400s, all of which were new to Walkergate 19194, 19195, 19196, 19197, 19198, 19200 and 19203.

A total of 27 ALX300 bodied MAN 18.220s are operated from Slatyford, spread across five batches: active reserves 22012, 22013 and 22050, 22051, 22065, 22066, 22067, 22068, 22069, 22070, 22080, 22081, 22082, 22341, 22342, 22343, 22344, 22345, 22346, 22347, 22348, 22408, 22409, 22410, 22411, 22412, 22413.

Three East Lancs Kinetic bodied MAN 18.240 A69s are now operated: 22508, 22510 and 22511.

Seven Enviro300 bodied MAN 18.240 A69 single decks are operated from two batches: 22570, 22574, 22580, 22581, 24113, 24114 and 24115.

The newest vehicles at the depot are a batch of 18 Enviro200 MMCs: 26063, 26064, 26065, 26066, 26067, 26068, 26069, 26070, 26071, 26072, 26073, 26074, 26075, 26076, 26077, 26078, 26079 and 26080.

The fleet is rounded off with a batch of 19 MAN 14.240 midibuses: 39705, 39706, 39715, 39716, 39717, 39718, 39719, 39720, 39721, 39722, 39723, 39724, 39725, 39726, 39728, 39729, 39730, 39731 and 39732.

All of the Slatyford fleet carry Stagecoach corporate livery. Four of the Enviro300's (22570/74/80/81) carry route branding for Metrocentre Shuttle 100 and most (10638-52) of the Enviro400 MMCs carry #BUSPEOPLE branding while the Enviro200 MMCs carry branding promoting the Stagecoach Bus App.


All of Slatyford's fleet were delivered complete with the new style interior, though 19194/96/97 have been reupholstered to leather interiors and the MMC variant Enviro200s and Enviro400s were delivered with high-spec e-leather interiors.


With the exception of MANs 22012/13/51/65/66/80-82 which retain yellow non-scrolling Sentence Case digital destination blinds, the remainder of the Slatyford fleet carry scrolling orange Sentence Case digital destination displays.

Slatyford Average fleet age: 7.8 years
Spares overall: 15.3% (15/98)
Spares on PVR: 18.1% (15/83)

Newcastle overall combined fleet

Newcastle overall Average fleet age: 7.8 years
Spares overall: 14.2% (28/197)
Spares on PVR: 16.6% (28/169)



1          Coach Lane Campus • City Centre • Central Station • Buddle Road • Slatyford

via Cochrane Park, Heaton, Newcastle College, Cruddas Park, Armstrong Road and Scotswood


6          Forest Hall • Freeman Hospital • Metrocentre

via Four Lane Ends, Gosforth, Kingston Park and West Denton


7          Forest Hall • Freeman Hospital • Metrocentre

via Four Lane Ends, Gosforth, Kenton and West Denton


8          Forest Hall • Freeman Hospital • Central Station

via Four Lane Ends, Gosforth, Kenton and West Denton

Note: Service 8 operates peak times only

10        North Kenton • City Centre • West Denton Park

via Westgate Road and Lemington Road End


11        North Kenton • City Centre • West Denton Shops

via Westgate Road and West Denton Way


12       Two Ball Lonnen • City Centre • Walker • Wallsend

 via Fenham and St Anthonys Road


18        Benton • Freeman Hospital • Walker

via Four Lane Ends and Byker


22        Cobalt • Silverlink • Wallsend • City Centre • Throckley, Sainsburys

via Howdon. Fossway, Byker, Central Station, Newcastle Business Park, Newburn Riverside, Lemington and Newburn Village


22X    Cobalt • City Centre • Throckley, Sainsburys

express via Willington Square


30        Fenham • City Centre • Fawdon

via Whickham View, Elswick Road and Gosforth


31        Fenham • City Centre • Montagu Estate

 via Whickham View, Elswick Road and Gosforth


32        Walker • City Centre • Benwell • Kenton Shops

via Byker, Royal Victoria Infirmary, General Hospital, Fenham, Cowgate, Blakelaw, Kenton Bar & Montagu Estate


32A    Walker • City Centre • Benwell • Kenton Shops

via Byker, Royal Victoria Infirmary, General Hospital, Fenham, Cowgate, Blakelaw, Montagu Estate & Kenton Bar


35        City Centre • Red House Farm

via Gosforth High Street and Coxlodge


36        City Centre, New Bridge Street • Fenham

 via RVI and Fenham Hall Drive


38        Whickham View • City Centre • Freeman Hospital



39        Dumpling Hall • City Centre • Walker

via West Road, Stanhope Street and Welbeck Road


40        Chapel House • City Centre • Wallsend

 via West Road, Stanhope Street and Welbeck Road


62        Killingworth • City Centre • North Walbottle

via Quorum, Longbenton, Chillingham Road and West Denton


63        Killingworth • City Centre • Chapel House

 via Forest Hall, Chillingham Road, Fenham and West Denton


68        Four Lane Ends Metro • DWP Tyneview Park

Note:  Service 68 operates peak times only

71           City Centre, Grainger Street • Throckley

via Westerhope Village and Walbottle


72           City Centre, Grainger Street • Chapel House
via Westerhope


87           City Centre, Grainger Street • Newbiggin Hall
via Westerhope

100     Newcastle City Centre, Blackett Street • Central Station • Metrocentre

This service runs NON STOP from Central Station to Metrocentre


X47    Eldon Square • Ponteland Road • Kingston Park

via Cowgate and Kenton Bar


X63     City Centre, New Bridge Street • Killingworth • City Centre, Market Street East

via Quorum


X77     Newcastle • Ponteland • Darras Hall

express via Ponteland Road

Note: Service X77 operates peak times only


X78     Newcastle • Ponteland • Darras Hall

express via Ponteland Road


X79     Newcastle • Ponteland • Darras Hall

express via Ponteland Road

Note: Service X79 operates Monday-Friday peak times only


X82     Throckley, Leazes Estate • Newcastle, Eldon Square

via Denton Burn


X87     Eldon Square Bus Station • Cowgate • Newbiggin Hall

via Blakelaw, Bedeburn Road, Trevelyan Drive and Blakelaw


X88     Eldon Square Bus Station • Cowgate • Newbiggin Hall

via Blakelaw, Trevelyan Drive, Bedeburn Road and Blakelaw

Peak Vehicle Requirements

Depot PVR Operated by Notes
1 Walkergate 15* Enviro400  
6 Slatyford 8 Enviro200 Operates daytime only
8 Operates peak times only 
10 Slatyford 12 Enviro400, MAN 18.220  
12 Walkergate 10 Enviro400, Enviro400H  
18 Walkergate 3 MAN 18.220 Evening & Sunday journeys are operated by Arriva, funded by Nexus  
22 Walkergate 17** Enviro400
30 Slatyford 16

with 36

Enviro200 MMC
32 Slatyford 6 Enviro200 Evening & Sunday journeys are operated by Arriva, funded by Nexus
35 Slatyford 2 Enviro200 Operates Monday-Saturday daytime only
36 Slatyford see 30 & 31 Enviro200 MMC  
38 Walkergate 10 Enviro400  
39 Walkergate 10 Enviro400H  
40 Walkergate 11 Enviro400H  
62 Both 16 Slatyford
6 Walkergate
Enviro400 MMC  
68 Slatyford see 6,7,8 MAN 18.220 Operates Monday-Friday peak only, using vehicles from Service 6/7/8
71 Slatyford 3 Enviro300  
72 Slatyford 1 Enviro200, MAN 18.220    
87 Slatyford 1 MAN 18.220  
100 Slatyford 4 Enviro300, MAN 18.220  
X47 Slatyford 14

with X77, X78, X79, X82, X87 & X88

MAN 18.220, Enviro400  
X63 Walkergate 4 Enviro400 Operates Monday-Saturday daytime only
X77 Slatyford see X47 MAN 18.220, Enviro400 Operates Monday-Saturday peak only
X79 Operates Monday-Friday peak only
X87 Operates Monday-Sunday daytime only
TOTAL   169    

*Service 1 PVR reduces to 12 during University Summer holidays.


**On Saturdays, the Service 22 PVR is reduced to 16.


Note: Stagecoach in Sunderland service X24 and Stagecoach in South Shields service X34 also operate to Newcastle City Centre, please see the Stagecoach in Sunderland and Stagecoach in South Shields Operations Profiles for more details.

Ilustrative vehicle allocation: click here to view the actual vehicle allocation from 24 June 2017.


Where to go          

Note: Blackett Street will be closed to all traffic every weekend from Saturday 30 June to Sunday 2 September for a series of events being held to coincide with the Great Exhibition of the North. As a result, some of the sites listed below for sightings and photographs will differ for 10 weekends during summer 2018. Please contact us for any queries relating to these changes.

for Sightings

It is not possible to view all of the Newcastle duties from any one location.  The best option is to split your time between a combination of the following sites:


Newcastle City Centre, New Bridge Street/Pilgrim Street for services 1, 10, 11, 12, 30, 31, 32, 32A, 35, 36, 38, 39, 40, 62, 63, X63, 71, 72, 87, 100, City Sightseeing, Stagecoach in Sunderland X24 and Stagecoach in South Shields X34


Newcastle City Centre, Percy Street/Gallowgate for services 12, [30], [31], 32, 32A, 36, 39, 40, 62, 63, 71, 72, 87, 100, [X47], X63, [X77, X78, X79], X82, [X87, X88] and City Sightseeing


Newcastle City Centre, Grainger Street/Newgate Street for services 1, 10, 11, 22, 30, 31, [36], 38, 71, 72, 87, 100


Newcastle City Centre, St Marys Place/Barras Bridge for services 10, 11, 30, 31, 35, 36, X47, X63, X77, X78, X79, [X82], X87, X88, City Sightseeing


Four Lane Ends for services 6, 7, 8, 18, 62, 63


Kenton Bar roundabout for services 6, 7, 8, 32, 32A, X47, X77, X78, X79, [X82, X87, X88]


[Numbers in brackets denote that this service does not serve the indicated point, however duties are interworked with a service that does]

for Photos

Most of the sites listed above offer good photo opportunities, at least in one direction.  The best in the City Centre are probably on Grainger/Newgate Street or Gallowgate.  There are also plenty of decent opportunities along Freeman Road in South Gosforth and Stamfordham Road in Slatyford.

for Timetables

Stagecoach in Newcastle no longer have a travelshop in the City, however the Nexus Travelcentre at Haymarket Metro station and the timetable stands at Eldon Square and Haymarket bus stations usually have decent stocks, as does the City Library.

The Stagecoach North East head office at the Wheatsheaf has timetables for all Stagecoach North East services in Tyne and Wear.



Please remember trespassing is illegal.Do not enter any depot area without prior permission from Stagecoach.
All of what is described here can been seen from outside the perimeter fence. 

Stagecoach in Newcastle vehicles are housed at two depots, Walkergate in the East and Slatyford in the West.


Walkergate is the newest depot in the company, built as a replacement for the former Byker depot.  The depot is very spacious and has extensive garage capabilities.


Slatyford is a much older depot, again covering a considerable area.  Slatyford is often used as a store for Newcastle and South Shields vehicles awaiting disposal.


Click HERE to view an aerial map of Walkergate depot and surrounding area and HERE to view an aerial map of Slatyford depot and surrounding area (external links to Google Maps).

layout - Walkergate
There is only one entrance to the depot, on Shields Road.  

Surely the least spotter friendly depot in Stagecoach North East, only a very small portion of the vehicles can be seen.  The main service fleet park up outside, in the centre area, which is set far back from the perimeter fence, making it virtually impossible to identify the vehicles parked up.

On the Shields Road side are the workshops which back onto Shields Road, offering no view inside.

The only viewing points on foot are on Shields Road near the main entrance, and a small area visible behind Lidl.  The depot is also visible from the Metro line.

There is plenty of free parking available in the residential roads off Shields Road on the opposite side to the depot.


layout - Slatyford
There is only one entrance to the depot, on Slatyford Lane.  

Workshops are housed under cover on the right hand side of the depot and the main service fleet park up under cover, from the left hand side of the depot over to the workshops.

It is possible to walk right around the four sides of the depot, giving quite a good view of what is parked around the perimeter.  Parked against the rear fence of the depot are usually Driver Trainers, withdrawn vehicles, new arrivals and vehicles undergoing repair.

During times of fleet renewal, the far left hand side of the depot is used to store vehicles awaiting disposal.

The bus wash and offices line the right hand side, meaning views into the workshops are limited to the front and rear.  

There is ample parking available along Slatyford Lane, opposite the depot.

how to get there

Walkergate depot is located on Shields Road, Walkergate (A193).


from the North and East

Take the A1058 (Coast Road) towards Newcastle and leave for the A186, Station Road, for Wallsend.  At the junction with Wallsend High Street (A193), turn right towards Byker and Newcastle.  Continue along the A193 which becomes Shields Road; the depot will be on your right.


from the South (including South Shields, Sunderland, Hartlepool & Teesside)

Head towards Newcastle via the Tyne Bridge, on the A167.   Stay on the A167(M), leaving at the junction with the A193 New Bridge Street, heading towards Byker and Wallsend (this is the fourth exit off New Bridge Street roundabout at the top of the sliproad).  Stay on the main road (A193), watching out for the erratic No Car lanes.  After the elevated section of road you'll arrive in Byker.  Stay on the A193/Byker Bridge, taking care not to end up on Shields Road.  At the large roundabout, take the second exit onto Millers Road.  You will now be passing the Byker retail park, which occuies the site of the old Byker depot.  Continue along Shields Road, and turn right at the next mini roundabout, rejoining the A193, Shields Road.  Once on Shields Road, keep left to avoid the right hand filter lane off to the Retail Park.  Continue on Shields Road past Siemens on the left .  Walkergate depot is on the left.


from the West (including Slatyford)

Take the A167(M) Southbound, leaving at the junction with the A193 New Bridge Street.  Take the first exit at the New Bridge Street roundabout onto the A193, then follow the instructions above from the South.


from City Centre

Directions depend on whereabouts you join the A167(M) on leaving the city centre.  If joining North of the A193 junction, then head South, towards Gateshead until you reach the A193 junction.  If joining South of the A193 junction, you will obviously need to head North to leave at the A193 junction.


Public Transport

Services 15, 15A & 22 pass along Shields Road, stopping close to the depot.  Alternatively, Services 39 & 40 will drop you off in Byker or Services 62 & 63 call at Byker & Chillingham Road.  It is a short walk from any of these stops to the depot.  The closest Metro station is Chillingham Road, on the Yellow Line.



Slatyford depot is located on Slatyford Lane, Slatyford (A193).


from the South on A167 (M) (including Walkergate, South Shields, Sunderland, Hartlepool & Teesside)

Heading North from Newcastle, stay on the A167(M) to the A167.  Continue on the A167 to Cowgate.  At Cowgate roundabout, take the first exit onto the A167, Stamfordham Road.  Almost immediately, you will come to a mini-rounabout.  Here take the second exit, to stay on the A167 Stamfordham Road (i.e. don't go past the entrance to Morrisons).  At the bottom of the hill is another rounabout.  Take the first exit here, then prepare to take a right turn off Silver Lonnen, signed Slatyford, onto Slatyford Lane.  Continue around the crescent that forms Slatyford Lane, and you will see the depot on your left.


from the North

Heading South towards Newcastle on the A167, leave at Springfield Road, A191.  This will bring you to the roundabout with Silver Lonnen, take the second exit onto Silver Lonnen then follow the instructions above from the A167 (M) South.


from the A1

Leave the A1 at the B6324 Stamforham Road (leading to A167), heading towards Newcastle.  Continue along Stamfordham Road (if you look to the right after Wickes you will see the depot through the trees) to the Roundabout with A191 Silver Lonnen.  Take the third exit onto Silver Lonnen and follow the instructions as above from the A167 (M) South.


from City Centre

The easiest way to Slatyford from the City Centre is to head North on the A167(M) and follow directions above from the South on A167 (M).


Public Transport

Services 62, 63, 71, 72, 87 & 88 stop on Stamfordham Road, close to the depot.  Alternatively, Services 30, 31 & 36 will drop you off at Silver Lonnen/Netherby Drive, a short walk from the depot or Service 1 terminates at Pooley Road.  Slatyford is not close to a Metro line.

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