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as at 24 December 2018



Stagecoach in Hartlepool operate a PVR of 26, covered by a network of 5 core services which stretches from Clavering in the North to South Fens in the South; High Tunstall & Owton Manor in the West and The Headland in the East.  In addition, longer distance flagship service 1 operates to Middlesbrough.


Fleet Profile
The Stagecoach in Hartlepool fleet comprises 31 vehicles, made up exclusively of Enviro200s (both integral and MAN variants). All of the Hartlepool fleet carry the Stagecoach corporate livery, and all were delivered complete with the new style interior, including individual bucket seats.

All of Hartlepool's fleet have scrolling orange Sentence Case digital destination displays.

Meet the Fleet

The most common vehicle in the Hartlepool fleet is the Enviro200 bodied MAN 14.240 A66. All examples remaining in the town are from a batch of 18, all indigenous to Hartlepool and numbered 39657, 39658, 39659, 39660, 39661, 39662, 39663, 39664, 39665, 39666, 39667, 39668, 39669 and 39670 (NJ08CRX/Z, NJ08CSF/O/U/V/X/Y/Z, NJ08CTE/F/K/O/U respectively).

Also operated are 17 integral Enviro200s, seven transferred from South Shields: 36461, 36462, 36463, 36464, 36465, 36466, and 36467 (NK61EBZ, NK61ECA/C/D/E/F/J) and ten from Sunderland 36081, 36082, 36083, 36084, 36085, 36086, 36087, 36088, 36089 and 36090 (NK59BMZ, NK59BNA/B/D/E/F/J/L/N/O).

Average fleet age: 9.3 years
Spares on PVR: 19.2% (5/26)
Spares overall: 16.1% (5/31)


1          Middlesbrough • Seaton Carew • Hartlepool • Marina • High Tunstall

via The Clarences, Warrior Park, Brenda Road, Victoria Road, University Hospital of Hartlepool & Throston Grange


3          South Fens • Town Centre • Bishop Cuthbert

via Park Road


3A       South Fens • Town Centre • Bishop Cuthbert

via Shrewsbury Street


6          Clavering • Town Centre • Owton Manor

via Hart Station, Brus Shops, Raby Road, Oxford Road and Catcote Road


7          Headland • Marina • Town Centre • Owton Manor


Peak Vehicle Requirements

PVR   Operated by   Notes
1 8   Any   Operates Daytime only.

3 3   Any   Operates Monday to Saturday Daytime only.

6 15   Any

  Operates Daytime and Friday & Saturday evenings only.


TOTAL 26    


Note: Stagecoach on Teesside service 36 also operates to Hartlepool Town Centre, please see the Stagecoach on Teesside Operations Profile for more details.

Ilustrative vehicle allocation: click here to view the actual vehicle allocation from 2 September 2017.


Where to go          

for Sightings

The best place to view all of the Hartlepool duties is from the junction of Victoria Road and York Road in Hartlepool Town Centre. At this spot it is possible to see all that Hartlepool have on offer on regular services.

for Photos

Several points throughout the Town Centre, the junction mentioned above and points along either York Road or Victoria Road are as good as any.

for Timetables

Stagecoach in Hartlepool no longer have a travelshop, and timetables can be tricky to get hold of nowadays. Hartlepool Central Library on York Road generally holds a random selection of leaflets, and the Tourist Information Centre in Church Square is another potential source.


Please remember trespassing is illegal. Do not enter any depot area without prior permission from Stagecoach.
All of what is described here can been seen from outside the perimeter fence. 

Stagecoach in Hartlepool is based on Brenda Road Industrial Estate, close to the Town Centre.

The depot yard is spacious with basic garage capabilities.


Click HERE to view an aerial map of the depot and surrounding area (external link to Google Maps).

The only entrance to the depot is on Brenda Road. Near the entrance to the depot are the workshops.

The main service fleet park up outside, against the perimeter fence backing onto Brenda Road.

Withdrawn vehicles are usually parked up in the back corner behind the bus wash, opposite the service fleet.

Walking round the three accessible sides of the depot gives a pretty good idea of whats ready for service in there.


how to get there

from the North

Follow signs for Hartlepool, then Town Centre A179 or A689.  Pass Asda and Morrisions on the right.  At the junction with Wilkinsons go straight over, on Stockton Street (A689).  Then follow instructions "from Hartlepool Town Centre" below.

from Hartlepool Town Centre

From the Town Centre follow signs for A689 Seaton Carew (Stockton Street).  Follow the A689 past Tesco on the left.  Keep going on the A689 (Belle Vue Way) to a large roundabout at its junction with Brenda Road.  Take the first exit at this roundabout, to pass B&Q on Brenda Road.  Brenda Road Industrial Estate is on the right continue to the next roundabout and turn into the Industrial Estate (Usworth Road).  The depot is on the corner in front of you.


from the South

Follow signs for A689 Hartlepool.  Follow the main road to a roundabout at the junction with Brenda Road immediately after passing a Morrisons Garage on the right.  Turn right at this roundabout onto Brenda Road then follow end of "from Hartlepool Town Centre" instructions above.



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