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LAST UPDATED: 23 April 2019



SN16O--, SN66WKB, SN16OZ-


Photographed shortly after delivery and prior to application of fleetnames and numbers, 10643 is pictured parked up at Slatyford depot.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2016

These 24 vehicles are the first of the new generation integral Enviro400 (codenamed MMC - Major Model Change) for the North East.

The batch are Euro6 specification and are equipped with USB power sockets, high back orange and blue Lazzerini e-leather seating and WiFi. The vehicles carry up to 102 passengers, 77 of which can be seated.

The batch are shared between Newcastle's Walkergate and Slatyford depots for use on flagship services 62 & 63. The registration details of the batch are as follows:

10631 SN16OXP Walkergate
10632 SN16OXR Walkergate
10633 SN16OXS Walkergate
10634 SN16OXZ Walkergate
10635 SN16OYA Walkergate
10636 SN16OYB Walkergate
10637 SN16OYC Walkergate
10638 SN16OYD Walkergate
10639 SN16OYE Slatyford
10640 SN16OYF Slatyford
10641 SN16OYG Slatyford
10642 SN16OYH Slatyford
10643 SN16OYJ Slatyford
10644 SN16OYK Slatyford
10645 SN16OYL Slatyford
10646 SN66WKB Slatyford
10647 SN16OZC Slatyford
10648 SN16OZD Slatyford
10649 SN16OZE Slatyford
10650 SN16OZO Slatyford
10651 SN16OZP Slatyford
10652 SN16OZR Slatyford
10653 SN16OZS Slatyford
10654 SN16OZT Slatyford

Walkergate's 10631 SN160XP is pictured in Longbenton operating Service 62 to North Walbottle.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2016

Several of the batch carry dedicated branding for the new #BUSPEOPLE campaign, for which five variants of branding exist:

The Easy-Goer 10633/41/42/43
The Last-Minuter 10634/39/44/47
The Talker 10636/45/50/52
The Organiser 10637/38/40/51
The Multitasker 10635/46/48/49

Note: 10631/32/53/54 are unbranded.

The batch were delivered with Sentence Case orange scrolling destination displays. The first examples, 10631/32/33/34/41/45, entered service on 4 August 2016. 10642/43 entered service the following day. 10636-39/47-49 all entered service week commencing 8 August 2016. 10635/44/50/51/52/54 all entered service week commencing 15 August 2016 and 10640/53 entered service on 22 August 2016.

Resultant cascades from Walkergate comprised 19163/93 to Stagecoach South and 19194-98 & 19200 to Slatyford, in turn replacing older examples at that depot.

Cascades from Slatyford comprised 19141/43-48 to Stagecoach Cumbria & North Lancashire, 19142 to Stagecoach East Midlands, 19149 to Stagecoach Yorkshire, 19150-57 to Stagecoach East Scotland and 19158-62 to Stagecoach South.

Though originally expected to be registered SN16OYM, and delivered carrying these plates though never seeing use with them, 10646 was delayed due to technical issues at ADL. As it was not registered with the DVLA prior to 1st September, the 16-plate was surrendered, the vehicle instead being the only one of the batch to carry 66-plates. The vehicle finally entered service at Slatyford on 17 September 2016.

Illustrating the five variants of #BUSPEOPLE branding, 10648 is The Multitasker, 10639 The Last-Minuter, 10638 The Organiser, 10636 The Talker and 10633 The Easy-Goer. Rear branding is illustrated by 10651 as The Organiser, 10649 The Multitasker, 10645 The Talker, 10642 The Easy-Goer and 10634 The Last-Minuter.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2016-2017


As a result of extensive service changes which came into effect in Newcastle in April 2017, the Walkergate PVR for Services 62 & 63 reduced by one vehicle while the Slatyford PVR for these services increased by two. This led to the transfer of 10638 from Walkergate to Slatyford.

April 2019 saw destination displays in Newcastle updated to display large terminal destination with swiping rather, than scrolling, via points.

The full batch had their destinations reprogrammed during April 2019; on the left Walkergate's 10637 carries the North Walbottle bound 62 new style display while on the right, Slatyford's 10652 heads for Chapel House on a 63.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2019

Vehicles from this batch are currently operated in the North East by Newcastle (Walkergate) and Newcastle (Slatyford).



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