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Walkergate based electric hybrid 12082, NK11DJV, is pictured operating service 39, sporting the revised corporate livery carried by the batch.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2015

This batch of 26 Alexander Dennis Enviro400H vehicles represented the first - and to date only - electric hybrid double deck vehicles in the Stagecoach North East fleet. Delivered to Walkergate in Summer 2011, the vehicles represented a £7.2 million investment, partly funded by the Green Bus Fund.

The vehicles were purchased for use on high frequency cross city routes 39 & 40 and were delivered in a two tone green variant of the Stagecoach corporate livery. The vehicles also sport a modified corporate interior, based around green and yellow hues, rather than the more familiar orange and blue. The batch were delivered with orange scrolling Sentence Case displays.

The registrations of the batch are as follows:

12061     NK11DGY
12062     NK11DGZ
12063     NK11DHA
12064     NK11DHC
12065     NK11DHD
12066     NK11DHE
12067     NK11DHF
12068     NK11DHG
12069     NK11DHJ
12070     NK11DHL
12071     NK11DHM
12072     NK11DHN
12073     NK11DHO
12074     NK11DHP
12075     NK11DHV
12076     NK11DHY
12077     NK11DHZ
12078     NK11DJD
12079     NK11DJE
12080     NK11DJF
12081     NK11DJJ
12082     NK11DJV
12083     NK11DJX
12084     NK11DJY
12085     NK11DJZ
12086     NK11DKA

The vehicles all arrived between June and September 2011, with 12061/62/64 entering service in June, 12063/65-69/71-77 following in July, 12070/78/80-86 in August and 12079 completing the batch, finally entering service on 8 September 2011.

The arrival of 12061-86 at Walkergate saw 19158-63/93-97 transfer to Slatyford, leading to the cascade of MAN18.220 A69s 22049-51 to South Shields and 22469-71 Stockton and the withdrawal of floor Volvo B10Ms 20254-57/92 for disposal.

In addition, all of Walkergate's remaining high floor Volvo B10M fleet were withdrawn either for disposal (20116, 20265/96, 20838), or in the case of 20121, converted to a Driver Training Vehicle. All of Walkergate's Volvo B10BLE fleet (21101/46/53/55) were placed in reserve, though 21146/53/55 continued to operate regularly from the depot, and MAN 18.220 A69s 22021/22/67-71 were transferred to South Shields, replacing Volvo B10BLEs which were placed into reserve.

These vehicles are operated by Walkergate.

The graphics below outline how the technology works and the benefits it offers.



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