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19641-19647     SP60DS-


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19641-47 are part of a batch of 16 Enviro400s, new to Stagecoach Strathtay in December 2010. Identical to other Enviro400s in the Stagecoach fleet, these vehicles have corporate blue interiors with individual seating and scrolling orange Sentence Case destination displays.

On entering service with Strathtay, 19641-53 were allocated to Arbroath and 19654-56 to Dundee; 19641-43 wore plain Stagecoach corporate livery while 19644-56 carried dedicated Tayway branding for route 73. 19646 additionally carried upper deck front window contravision advertisement for unirider.

During Summer 2012, 19641-48/54-56 headed south to the English capital to provide services for the London 2012 Olympics. In order to comply with Olympic advertising rules, all fleetnames were obscured and the upper deck contravision carried by 19646 was removed, as Stagecoach were not designated an Olympic partner or sponsor.

In February 2013, 19654-56 transferred from Dundee to Arbroath.

In March 2015, 19652/53/56 were loaned to Stagecoach Yorkshire, where they entered service at Holbrook, undertaking rail replacement work on Stagecoach Supertram routes. They were followed in May 2015 by 19641-51/54/55 which were also loaned to Stagecoach Yorkshire, again entering service at Holbrook.

South Shields' 19641 is seen on Vine Place, Sunderland ready to operate a Service E2 to South Shields.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2015

19641-47 arrived in the North East in late June/early July 2015, 19644-47 still carrying branding for Strathtay service 73. 19641-46 were allocated to South Shields, 19647 to Walkergate.

Registrations of the batch in the North East are as follows:

19641     SP60DSE

19642     SP60DSO

19643     SP60DSU

19644     SP60DSV

19645     SP60DSX

19646     SP60DSY

19647     SP60DSZ

The first to enter service, freshly repainted, was 19642, on 21st July 2015. Next up was 19643, again freshly repainted and making it's debut appearance on Sunderland Airshow Shuttle service 510 on 25th July 2015. 19645 also operated on the Shuttle service, retaining Strathtay fleetnames and branding.

A freshly repainted 19645 subsequently entered service at South Shields on 9th September 2015, followed by 19641 on 23rd September 2015. 19641-43/45 entered service in standard corporate livery and replaced 19194/96/97 and 22050 at South Shields. The three Enviro400s were transferred to Walkergate while 22050 was withdrawn transferred to Slatyford where it replaced 22211 which was listed For Disposal.

After a brief delay, 19644/46 entered service during October 2015, ahead of service revisions to the X34, seeing the frequency increased to 20 minutes and the PVR increase from three to five vehicles. 19644 entered service carrying the new X34 branding (is this correct?) while 19646 remained unbranded in corporate livery. 19644/46 provided the additional two vehicles required to meet the increased PVR for revised service X34, therefore replaced no vehicles at South Shields. Around the same time, 19641-43/45 also received X34 branding.

Illustrating the front and nearside branding, 19644 is pictured arriving in Newcastle on Service X34 towards Horsley Hill.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2017

Michael Stuart provides this rear end shot of 19644, showing off the X34 branding originally carried by 19641-45.

Photo © Michael Stuart 2015

19647 entered service at Walkergate on 26th September 2015. There were no consequent withdrawals at Walkergate as 19647 (together with 19194/96/97) supported a PVR increase in late October 2015 which saw Service 22 extended to Silverlink and Cobalt business park.

In December 2015, 19644 took something of a busman's holiday, returning to East Scotland (albeit temporarily) to provide additional capacity required due to the closure of the Forth Road Bridge. 19644 was one of 33 additional buses drafted into the Stagecoach East Scotland fleet from across the Stagecoach empire in December 2015 following the decision to close the busy bridge on safety grounds.

19461-47 are fitted with free passenger wifi.

January 2017 saw a reduction in frequency of Service X34 with a consequent reduction in PVR by two vehicles. As a result, 19645 & 19646 transferred from South Shields to Walkergate at the end of the month. Officially these vehicles replaced 19201 & 19202 but in reality both remained in service at Walkergate until March 2017, whereupon they were transferred out of the North East to Stagecoach East Midlands. The branding on 19641-44 was amended to reflect the reduced frequency, then in June 2017, 19641 was debranded leaving three branded vehicles to match the PVR for the service.

Pictured on Grainger Street operating Service 1 shortly after transfer from South Shields is Walkergate based 19646 SP60DSY.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2017

These vehicles are currently operated in the North East by South Shields and Newcastle (Walkergate).

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The rest of the batch

August 2015 saw 19648-53 transferred to Stagecoach South East, entering service at Eastbourne. 19654-56 followed in September 2015, again entering service in Eastbourne. On transfer to Eastbourne in August 2015, the Tayway vinyls were removed from 19648/49/51/54/56. 19650/52/53 initially operated in Eastbourne with Tayway vinyls though these have since been removed.

In December 2015, 19652 underwent full repaint and received modest branding for route 1. This was followed by 19648/53/55 in January 2016, 19651/54 in February 2016 and 19649/50/56 by March 2016.

Depicting the current appearance of the batch in the South East, complete with ONE branding, is 19655.

Photo © Caribbean Cruiser Tiger Cub 66 2016

The current allocations of the rest of the batch outside of the North East are: South East (19648-56).

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