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LAST UPDATED: 24 April 2019





Photographed shortly after delivery and prior to application of contravision on the upper deck front window, 19677 is seen operating Service 12 to Two Ball Lonnen.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2011

This batch of 14 Enviro400 integrated design easyACCESS deckers were delivered to Walkergate for the double deck conversion of easyACCESS Service 12. The batch were delivered with the complete blue Stagecoach corporate interiors, including individual seating with blue Stagecoach moquette, and Sentence Case orange scrolling destination displays.


Deliveries commenced in January 2011 with the first nine of the batch entering service within that month and the remainder early in February.


Registrations of the batch are as follows:

19670      NK60DNJ

19671      NK60DNN

19672      NK60DNO

19673      NK60DNU

19674      NK60DNY

19675      NK60DOA

19676      NK60DOH

19677      NK60DOJ

19678      NK60DOU

19679      NK60DPE

19680      NK60DPF

19681      NK60DPN

19682      NK60DPO

19683      NK60DPU


The batch of 14 displaced an equal number of easyACCESS single decks MAN/ALX300's from Walkergate. Teesside gained 22011-20, with 22023-26 making the shorter journey across the city to Slatyford depot. The Teesside arrivals saw high floor B10Ms 20123/35, 20550/54, 20695, 20839/43 withdrawn and Prestige bodied Volvo B10BLEs 21101-03 displaced to South Shields, where they covered for various ALX300 bodied examples which underwent maintenance. The Slatyford arrivals facilitated the withdrawal of four high floor Volvo B10Ms (20258/63/64/97), enabling Services X77/X78 to go easyACCESS.


The batch originally carried first generation contravision advertising. 19671 illustrates Megarider, 19673 Unirider and 19679 Dayrider and Unirider.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2011-2012

Shortly after arrival, the batch received contravision advertising for Megarider, Dayrider or Unirider tickets. The complete list of advertisements originally carried by the batch is as follows:


19670      Unirider

19671      Megarider

19672      Megarider

19673      Unirider

19674      Megarider

19675      Megarider

19676      Megarider

19677      Unirider

19678      Unirider

19679      Dayrider

19680      Dayrider

19681      Dayrider

19682      Dayrider

19683      Dayrider


During Summer 2012, a number of Walkergate's Enviro400s were sent to the capital to provide services for the London 2012 Olympics, including all of this batch (see also 19193-19219, 19379-89 & 19430-46 batches). These vehicles were replaced by Enviro400s from Slatyford (see 19141-19163 and 19193-19219 batches), Scania Enviro400s from Stagecoach West Scotland (15626/28/29/40/44/45) and Stagecoach Yorkshire (15690/1, 15716/7/8) and Tridents from Stagecoach West Scotland (18001/2/4, 18369/71).

In order to comply with Olympic advertising rules, all upper deck contravision was removed and all fleetnames were obscured, as Stagecoach were not designated an olympic partner or sponsor. Interestingly, commercial advertisements carried by the vehicles were not required to be removed.

Walkergate's Enviro400s returned after the Olympics, during in August 2012, allowing all vehicles to return to their home depots. On return from Olympic duties, fleetnames restored, the batch operated for a brief spell with clear upper deck windows, after which the whole batch received application of refreshed second generation contravision advertising. Each vehicle received the updated branding for the same ticket as had been previously advertised by the vehicle. Contravision was again removed from the whole batch in March 2016, this time not to be replaced.


Illustrating the second generation contravision advertising applied to the batch on return from Olympic duties: 19676 carries Megarider advertising, 19678 carries the Unirider design and 19683 carries the Dayrider variant.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2013-2015

No longer dedicated to Service 12, 19670-19682 were fitted with wifi equipment in November 2013, which was enabled the following month and indicated by orange stickers placed above the doors advertising this feature which enabled services 62/63 and X63 to be the first of the company's routes to offer wifi. In August 2015, 19683 was fitted with wifi.

During December 2015, 19675 was temporarily loaned to Stagecoach East Scotland, one of some 33 additional buses drafted into the Stagecoach East Scotland fleet from across the Stagecoach empire following the decision to close the busy Forth Road Bridge on safety grounds.


19675 depicts the appearance of the batch following removal of contravision, complete with Wifi logo.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2017

In April 2019, Walkergate's destination displays were updated to show a large terminal destination point, with via points swiping, rather than scrolling, below. All of the batch have recceived updated displays.

Illustating the new style of destintion display for the 39 to Dumpling Hall, 19679 is seen in Newcastle City Centre. Note the blanked out side destination display, meaning the vehicle fails to meet the minumum requirements set out in the Public Service Vehicles Accessibility Regulations..

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2019

The 60 plate Enviro400s are currently operated in the North East by Newcastle (Walkergate).



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