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Illustrating the number 1 branding applied to several of this batch, 19431 is pictured wearing the 'Eastend Boys' version; 19432 the 'Westend Girls' version and 19439 the Students version.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2011

This batch of 17 Enviro400 integrated design easyACCESS deckers were delivered to Walkergate for the easyACCESS conversion of Service 1. The batch were delivered with the complete blue Stagecoach corporate interiors, including individual seating with blue Stagecoach moquette, and Sentence Case orange scrolling destination displays.


The complete batch entered service in December 2008 - January 2009 and are registered as follows:

19430      NK58FMO

19431      NK58FMP

19432      NK58FMU

19433      NK58FMV

19434      NK58FMX

19435      NK58FMY

19436      NK58FMZ

19437      NK58FNA

19438      NK58FNC

19439      NK58FND

19440      NK58FNE

19441      NK58FNF

19442      NK58FNG

19443      NK58FNH

19444      NK58FNJ

19445      NK58FNM

19446      NK58FNN


The arrival of the batch in Newcastle saw 16 Volvo Olympians (16712-18/21-24/25-29) withdrawn from service at Walkergate. The 17th vehicle replaced, 16730, was already withdrawn due to engine problems.


The first 12 members of the batch received dedicated branding for the number 1 as follows:

19430      Number 1 for Westend Girls

19431      Number 1 for Eastend Boys

19432      Number 1 for Westend Girls

19433      Number 1 for Students

19434      Number 1 for Eastend Boys

19435      Number 1 for Students

19436      Number 1 for Westend Girls

19437      Number 1 for Students

19438      Number 1 for Eastend Boys

19439      Number 1 for Students

19440      Number 1 for Eastend Boys

19441      Number 1 for Westend Girls


During Spring 2009, 19442 received front, half-side and rear Megarider contravision advertising, 19443 received front, half-side and rear Dayrider contravision advertising and 19444/45/46 received half-side and rear Dayrider contravision advertising.  By July 2009 19444/45/46 had also received front contravision Dayrider advertisements. During 2010, 19445 lost the contravision on the front window, which was not replaced. Similarly, 19442 lost its front window contravision between July & October 2011, again unreplaced.

19442 (left) is seen on Market Street with Megarider contravision while 19445 is pictured on Grainger Street with the Dayrider variant.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2009-2011


During Summer 2012, a number of Walkergate's Enviro400s were sent to the capital to provide services for the London 2012 Olympics, or to Manchester to cover for vehicles sent from there to London. 19442/43/44/46 from this batch were four of several (see also 19193-19219 & 19379-89 batches) loaned to Manchester. These vehicles were replaced at Walkergate by Enviro400s from Slatyford (see 19141-19163 and 19193-19219 batches), Scania Enviro400s from Stagecoach West Scotland (15626/28/29/40/44/45) and Stagecoach Yorkshire (15690/1, 15716/7/8) and Tridents from Stagecoach West Scotland (18001/2/4, 18369/71). Walkergate's Enviro400s returned after the Olympics, during in August 2012, allowing all vehicles to return to their home depots. 19442/43/44/46 returned to Walkergate following the Olympics in August 2012, allowing all vehicles to return to their home depots.


In late 2012/early 2013, 19430/32/39/41 were debranded, returning to generic Stagecoach in Newcastle livery. They were followed in April 2014 by 19438. Later in 2014, 19431 was debranded, with 19437 debranded October 2014 and 19434 during the first part of 2015. 19433/35/36/40 were debranded in early 2016.

In August 2015, 19436/38-46 were fitted with WiFi. The remainder of the batch were retrofitted with WiFi in March 2016, though only 19439/42-46 carry side branding to illustrate this provision (previously also carried by 19433/37/38/41).

In March 2016 19430-33 received Club 22 branding. The four vehicles each received a different variant of the branding, with 19430 sporting a pair of flamingos, 19431 carrying the Cobalt2 example, Mr 22 flying across the sides and rear of 19432 and two little ducks floating on 19433. Similar branding is carried by four of the 19379-89 batch. For a detailed feature on the Club22 branding please see In Pictures Issue 68. Relatively short-lived, the branding began to be removed in September 2016, with 19431 the first to be repainted, once again carrying plain corporate livery; 19432 followed in March 2017. 19433 was repainted in May/June 2017, with the last remaining branded Club 22 example, 19430, repainted in August 2017.


Illustrating the front and rear Club22 branding applied to the batch: 19430 carries the flamingo variant, 19431 Cobalt, 19432 Mr22 and 19433 two little ducks.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2016-2017

In May 2017, 19446 was one of several vehicles to receive a rather underwhelming Samsung Galaxy advertising wrap, which was retained until August 2017 whereupon it returned to corporate livery.

In November 2017, 19432 received a three quarter contravision advertising wrap for Megabus, followed in December 2017 by 19435. Both are retained to date.


These two shots of 19435 illustrate the Megabus wrap currently carried by two of the batch.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

As in previous years, the Walkergate PVR decreased over summer and from June 2018 a pair of vehicles from this batch were temporarily released. 19434 was temporarily reallocated to Slatyford and 19443 to South Shields. In August 2018, 19443 returned to Walkergate in exchange for 19209; 19434 returned in early September 2018 ready for the autumn PVR increase on Service 1.

April 2019 saw destination displays in Newcastle updated to display large terminal destination with swiping rather, than scrolling, via points. Also in April 2019, 19443 was one of three of Walkergate's deckers to receive three quarter wrap advertising for the Whopper burger, lasting only a month it was removed in May 2019.

Walkergate's 19430 is pictured in BByker, soon after having blinds reprogrammed, displaying the westbound Service 39 destination for Dumpling Hall.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2019

These 58 plate Enviro400s are currently operated in the North East by Newcastle (Walkergate and Slatyford) and South Shields.



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