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LAST UPDATED: 10 July 2019




NK58AEW is seen on John Dobson Street operating Service 38, carring the incorrect fleetnumber 19381.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2008

This batch of 11 Enviro400 integrated design easyACCESS deckers were delivered to Walkergate for the double deck conversion of Service 38.The batch were delivered with the complete blue Stagecoach corporate interiors, including individual seating with blue Stagecoach moquette, and Sentence Case orange scrolling destination displays. Due to a numbering error earlier in the national series, these vehicles were initially numbered 19378-19388 and at least the first six members of the batch carried the incorrect numbers briefly.

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The complete batch entered service in September 2008.

Registrations of the batch are as follows:

19379     NK58AET

19380     NK58AEU

19381     NK58AEV

19382     NK58AEW

19383     NK58AEX

19384     NK58AEY

19385     NK58AEZ

19386     NK58AFA

19387     NK58AFE

19388     NK58AFF

19389     NK58AFJ

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The batch of 11 displaced 10 easyACCESS single deck MAN saloons from Walkergate, along with B10M 20722 which was placed in the driver training fleet.The majority of displaced MANs (22193/97/98/99 22201/2/6, 22465/66) were transferred to Teesside, with 22174 transferred to Slatyford, increasing low floor spares there.The Teesside examples were long overdue vehicles required to provide sufficient easyACCESS capacity for Services 52/58/59/61.

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At only just 3 months old, December 30th 2008 saw 19380 seriously damaged in a collision with a Metro bridge on The Avenue, Wallsend.The entire roof was torn off, though thankfully no passengers were injured.The vehicle was off the road for six months while undergoing repair by ADL at Falkirk, returning to service in June 2009. In a somewhat cruel twist of fate, it was involved in a further accident on March 27th 2010, again requiring repair by ADL. On this second occassion, however, the vehicle was only missing from service for a couple of months.

During spring 2009 the batch received contravision advertisements for the Stagecoach Megarider or Dayrider tickets. 19381, 19382, 19385, 19386 & 19387 received front half-side and rear Dayrider adverts while 19383, 19384 & 19389 received front half-side and rear Megarider adverts. By June/July 2009, 19379, 19380 and 19388 had gained front half-side and rear Unirider adverts.

The original contravision advertisements applied to the batch: 19379 sports the Unirider variant, 19384 Megarider and 19386 Dayrider.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2009-2011

Summer 2012, a number of Walkergate's Enviro400s were sent to the capital to provide services for the London 2012 Olympics, or to Manchester to cover for vehicles sent from there to London. All of this batch left the North East with 19379-83 loaned to Manchester and 19384-89 operating at the Olympics in London. Those which travelled to the capital (as well as 19383) had upper deck contravision removed in order to comply with advertising rules surrounding the Olympics. Fleetnames were also required to be covered over as Stagecoach were not designated an olympic partner or sponsor. Interestingly, commercial advertisements carried by the vehicles were not required to be removed.

These vehicles were replaced by Enviro400s from Slatyford (see 19141-19163 and 19193-19219 batches), Scania Enviro400s from Stagecoach West Scotland (15626/28/29/40/44/45) and Stagecoach Yorkshire (15690/1, 15716/7/8) and Tridents from Stagecoach West Scotland (18001/2/4, 18369/71). Walkergate's Enviro400s returned after the Olympics, during in August 2012, allowing all vehicles to return to their home depots.

On return from Olympic duties, those examples from which the contravision had been removed operated for a time with clear upper deck windows before application of second generation contravision advertising for Megarider, Dayrider and Unirider. All vehicles received the second generation version of the same ticket as previously carried, with the exception of 19384 which did not receive any replacement contravision. Early in 2016, the batch all had their contravision advertising removed and currently operate with clear windows.

The second generation contravision advertisements applied to the batch: 19383 sports the Megarider variant, 19385 Dayrider and 19388 Unirider.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2014-2015

In March 2016, the entire batch was retrofitted to offer free passenger WiFi, though 19387 is the only member of the batch to carry nearside branding to alert passengers to this provision.

In March 2016, four of the batch (19385-87/89) received Club 22 branding. Each vehicle received a different variant with 19385 wearing the Cobalt2 design, 19386 carries two flamingos, 19387 two little ducks and 19389 the Mr 22 version. For a detailed feature on the Club22 branding please see In Pictures Issue 68. In March 2017, 19386 was repainted, losing the Club22 branding. In June 2017, 19389 was similarly debranded. With no further debrannding taking place over the next two years, 19387 was finally debranded in June 2019, leaving 19385 as the last vehicle to carry Club22 graphics.

The four designs of Club22 branding applied to the batch: 19385 carries the Cobalt variant, 19386 the flamingoes, 19387 two little ducks and 19389 Mr 22.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2016-2017

May/June 2017 saw two of the batch receive advertising wraps - 19380 was adorned with the dull Samsung Galaxy wrap while 19382 received the somewhat livelier pink based Clinique wrap. Both returned to corporate livery during August 2017.

During April 2019, 19379 was one of three of Walkergate's Enviro400 fleet to receive an advertising wrap for the Whopper burger, though it was returned to corporate livery the following month. April 2019 also saw destination displays of the batch updated to display large terminal destination with swiping rather, than scrolling, via points.

The new style of destination display is now carried by all members of the batch and the west-bound Service 12 version is shown here on 19388.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2019

The 58 plate Enviro400s are currently operated in the North East by Newcastle (Walkergate).

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