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LAST UPDATED: 10 July 2019


19194-98, 19200, 19203-19



This batch of 27 Enviro400 integrated design easyACCESS deckers were delivered to Walkergate for the double deck conversion of easyACCESS Services 39 & 40. The batch were delivered with the complete blue Stagecoach corporate interiors, including individual seating with blue Stagecoach moquette, and Sentence Case orange scrolling destination displays.

The registrations of the batch are as follows:

Pictured on Service 39 in Newcastle City Centre is 19201, illustrating the Dayrider contravision advertising.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2009

19193     NK57DVW
19194     NK57DVX
19195     NK57DVY
19196     NK57DVZ
19197     NK57DWA
19198     NK57DWC
19199     NK57DWD
19200     NK57DWE
19201     NK57DWF
19202     NK57DWG
19203     NK57DWJ
19204     NK57DWL
19205     NK57DWM
19206     NK57DWN
19207     NK57DWO
19208     NK57DWP
19209     NK57DWV
19210     NK57DWW
19211     NK57DWX
19212     NK57DWY
19213     NK57DWZ
19214     NK57DXA
19215     NK57DXB
19216     NK57DXC
19217     NK57DXD
19218     NK57DXE
19219     NK57DXF


Deliveries commenced in October 2007 with 19194-19202 entering service within that month. 19203 entered service on 1st November 2007, sporting an illuminated advertising panel, which proudly declared the 6.8m investment by Stagecoach in new buses for Newcastle this year. 19193, a notable early absentee, was first noted in service on 2nd November 2007.


Following a break in deliveries, the remainder of the batch commenced delivery in January 2008, with 19204-19207 entering service that month, 19208-14/16/17 following in February 2008 and 19215/18/19 entering service in March 2008.


The batch of 27 displaced an equal number of easyACCESS single decks from Walkergate, with South Shields receiving 13 B10BLEs (21136-40/43-46/50/52/57/58), 9 MANs being cascaded to Sunderland (22214/15, 22453/64/65/66/67/68, 22666) and the balance of 5 MANs transferred to Teesside (22195, 22204/8/10/11). The Sunderland arrivals displaced Darts to Stagecoach South and B10Ms to Walkergate and Slatyford, in turn ousting further Darts to Reserve and Stagecoach South. The South Shields arrivals facilitated the easyACCESS conversion of Services E1, E2 & E6, replacing Volvo Olympians which were transferred to other Stagecoach subsidiaries, B10M 20273 which was transferred to Walkergate, releasing further a Dart to Stagecoach South, B10M 20714 was transferred to Sunderland resulting in the withdrawal of the last active Lynx (29629) from service with Stagecoach North East and a number of Darts were withdrawn at South Shields. The Teesside arrivals replaced B10BLEs which were transferred to South Shields for Services E1, E2 & E6, replacing B10Ms which were transferred to Sunderland and Slatyford, and Darts which were withdrawn.


19213 was delivered with, and retained for almost a decade, eye-catching complete upper deck contravisions advising motorists to avoid the fuss, get the bus!

Still wearing the same complete upper deck 'Avoid the fuss' contravision, Walkergate's 19213 is seen operating Service 38 in Newcastle City Centre.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2014

During 2009, the rest of the batch received contravision advertising for Megarider, Dayrider or Unirider tickets.

Unirider branding was carried by 19193/96/97, 19202/06/07/09/10/14/15/19.

Dayrider branding was carried by 19194, 19200/01/17/18.

Megarider branding was carried by 19195/98/99, 19203/04/05/08/11/12/16.

Illustrating the Unirider and Megarider contravision, respectively, are Walkergate's 19207 (left) and 19212 (right).

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2009

The contravision lasted on the majority of vehicles until 2016, whereupon it was removed from all of the batch, including 19213's avoid the fuss wrap, by March.

Several of the batch had, in addition to carrying Stagecoach ticket related branding, carried other contravision advertising, including:

19197 carried full offside contravision for The Amazing Spiderman, then Men in Black 3 and subsequently Skyfall.

19198 carried a wrap advertisement for Vodafone.

19214 carried full offside contravision for The Amazing Spiderman, then Men in Black 3 and subsequently Skyfall.

19216 carried full offside contravision for Rice Krispies Squares.


Following the arrival of new Enviro400 Hybrids for Services 39 & 40, 19193-95 were transferred to Slatyford in August 2011. Along with 19163, these arrivals facilitated the release of MANs 22049/50 to South Shields and 22469/71 to Teesside. 19197 arrived at Slatyford in September 2011, facilitating the the transfer of 22470 to Teesside. 19196 was withdrawn at Walkergate in the same month, but did not transfer to Slatyford until November 2011, whereupon 22051 was released for transfer to South Shields.


Three members of this batch, 19199, 19209 & 19214, were loaned to Manchester in Summer 2012 to enable the release of newer vehicles from Manchester to travel to the capital for London 2012 Olympic duties. Slatyford sent a number of vehicles, including 19197 from this batch (and 19141/42/43/44/47/55/57/58/59/60 from the NK07--- batch), to Walkergate to release the newer Enviro400s for cascade. Walkergate's Enviro400s returned in August 2012 after the Olympics, allowing all vehicles to return to their home depots.

To meet the need for increased capacity on South Shields Service X34 operating between Newcastle and Horsley Hill, 19194/96/97 transferred from Slatyford to South Shields in November 2013. Three MAN/ALX300 single decks, 22068/69/71 moved in the opposite direction. 19194/96/97 were repainted shortly after transfer to South Shields, receiving modest but effective rear only branding encouraging car drivers to switch to the X34. All other contravision was at the same time removed from these vehicles and they received black leather seating throughout, together with free wifi.

Left: 19194 pitcured in Newcastle City Centre, operating Service X34 to Horsley Hill
Right: A rear view shot of 19196, illustrating the branding carried by the trio whilst operating in South Shields

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2015


In September 2013, 19193/95 were transferred (along with 19163) back to Walkergate, in exchange for 22346-48.

The first permanent departure of any of the batch from the North East took place in April 2014 when 19199 was transferred to Stagecoach Manchester, with no direct replacement at Walkergate.

June 2015 saw the arrival of a batch (19641-47) of former Strathtay Enviro400s in the North East. 19641-46 are destined for South Shields, for use on an increased frequency Service X34. The first to enter service in South Shields in July 2015 was 19642, replacing 19194 which moved to Walkergate. August 2015 saw 19643 enter service in South Shields, followed by 19645 in September 2015. The arrival of 19643/45 saw 19196/97 transferred to Walkergate.

On return to Walkergate, 19194/96/97 had their X34 branding removed. Their return to Walkergate helped to facilitate the necessary PVR increase for the extension of Service 22 from Wallsend to Silverlink and Cobalt.

Following the delivery of eight new Enviro400MMC deckers to Walkergate, 19193-98 and 19200 (together with 19163 from the earlier batch) were earmarked for cascade, with 19193 transferred to Stagecoach South, and the remainder transferring to Slatyford. 19194/98 transferred to Slatyford in early August 2016, followed later in the month by 19195/96. 19200 transferred from Walkergate to Slatyford on 26 August 2016, followed by 19197 on 1 September 2016.

Following service changes at the end of January 2017, the PVR for Service X34 reduced which released 19645/46 from South Shields to Walkergate. Officially, 19201/2 were withdrawn to reserve though in reality the pair continued to operate from Walkergate until March 2017 whereupon they left the North East fleet, transferred to Stagecoach East Midlands, based at Lincoln.

Representing the current appearance of the batch, Slatyford's 19203 is pictured on New Bridge Street, operating Service 10 to West Denton Park.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2017

As a result of extensive service changes which came into effect in Newcastle in April 2017, the Walkergate peak vehicle requirement reduced by nine vehicles, leading to the transfer of 19203 from Walkergate to Slatyford.

In Spring 2017, 19196 spent an extended period off the road from April, finally returning to service in early July.

During May 2017, 19195, 19200, 19213 and 19218 each received possibly the most drab advertising wrap in existence, for the new Samsung Galaxy. In August 2017, 19195, 19213 & 19218 returned to corporate livery.

Freed up as a result of the season PVR reduction on Service 1, 19205 spent Summer 2017 in South Shields, where it provided much needed additional capacity on Services E1, E2 & E6 during the busy summer peak. The end of the summer saw 19205 return to Newcastle, but not to Walkergate. Instead it was parked up, withdrawn, at Slatyford where it remained for some weeks before moving on; finally returning to service at Walkergate in October 2017.

Following service changes in September 2017, which saw the Walkergate PVR decrease by one vehicle, 19204 transferred to Slatyford. The transfer was short lived as 19204 returned to Walkergate in December 2017, exchanged for 22343 as a result of the upgrading of a Service 18 board to decker operation.

During August 2018, 19209 was loaned from Walkergate to South Shields, replacing 19443 which had previously been on loan. 19209 returned to Walkergate at the start of September 2018, ready for autumn increase in PVR on Service 1.

During April 2019, 19218 was one of three of Walkergate's Enviro400 fleet to receive an advertising wrap for the Whopper burger, though this was retained for only a month being removed in May 2019. April 2019 also saw destination displays in Newcastle updated to display large terminal destination with swiping rather, than scrolling, via points. All of the Walkergate examples except 19208 have been so modified as have all of the Slatyford examples with the exception of 19195 & 19200.

Illustrating the new style destination displays, Slatyford's 19198 shows the West Denton bound 11 (left) and Walkergate's 19207 carries a Throckley-bound 22 display (right).

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2019


The 57 plate Enviro400s are currently operated in the North East by Newcastle (Walkergate and Slatyford).

The rest of the batch

On transfer to Manchester, 19199 was allocated to Hyde Road, from where it continued to operate until April 2016, when it was repainted to Magicbus livery and transferred to Manchester's Sharston depot. In April 2017, 19199 was withdrawn to Reserve and subsequaently - unusually - repainted back to corporate livery before re-entering service at Sharston in June 2017. In September 2017, 19199 was recorded as transferring to Wigan.

Having originally operated in Stagecoach corporate livery following transfer to Manchester, former Walkergate Enviro400 19199 NK57DWD subsequently carried MagicBus colours for a year, as seen here operating busy university service 142 to Piccadilly.

Photo © flickr user David Burrell 2016

On transfer to South, 19193 was allocated to Winchester, from where it continues to operate to date.

Pictured in it's new home in Winchester is Stagecoach South's 19193 NK57DVW, formerly part of the Walkergate fleet.

Photo © flickr user Luke Garley 2016

Both 19201 & 19202 were allocated to Lincoln on transfer to Stagecoach East Midlands, where they remain in service to date.

Seen giving service in it's new home of Lincoln is Stagecoach East Midlands' 19202 NK57DWG, formerly part of the Walkergate fleet.

Photo © flickr user Sam Boothby 2017

The current allocations of the rest of the batch outside of the North East are: South (19193), Manchester (19199) and East Midlands (19201/02).



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