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LAST UPDATED: 16 September 2018





Numerically the eldest of the batch, 26063 is pictured on Grainger Street, operating Service 31 to Whickham View.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2017

These 18 vehicles are the first of the new generation integral Enviro200 (codenamed MMC - Major Model Change) single deck vehicles for the North East.

The batch are Euro6 specification and are equipped with USB power sockets, high back orange and blue Lazzerini e-leather seating and WiFi. The vehicles carry up to 41 passengers.

The batch arrived wearing one of three variants of advertising for the Stagecoach bus app, all allocated to Slatyford depot for use on Services 30, 31 & 36. Registration and advert variant details are as follows:

26063    SN66WLR    It's canny good!
26064    SN66WLU    It's canny good!
26065    SN66WLV    It's nee bother!
26066    SN66WLW    It's nee bother!
26067    SN66WLX    Heading doon Toon?
26068    SN66WLZ    It's nee bother!
26069    SN66WMA    It's canny good!
26070    SN66WMC    Heading doon Toon?
26071    SN66WMD    Heading doon Toon?
26072    SN66WME    It's nee bother!
26073    SN66WMF    Heading doon Toon?
26074    SN66WMG    Heading doon Toon?
26075    SN66WMJ    It's nee bother!
26076    SN66WMK    Heading doon Toon?
26077    SN66WML    It's canny good!
26078    SN66WMM    It's canny good!
26079    SN66WMO    It's canny good!
26080    SN66WMP    It's nee bother!

The batch were delivered with Sentence Case orange scrolling destination displays and all but 26078 entered service in December 2016. 26078 eventually entered service on 10 January 2017. 26063-80 replaced 22032-49 at Slatyford, all of which were withdrawn for disposal apart from 22049, which was placed in reserve.

Illustrating the three variants of Stagecoach Bus App branding, 26066 shows It's nee bother!, 26070 asks Heading doon Toon? and 26077 proclaims It's canny good!.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2017


During Summer 2018 the slogans afixed to the side windows of the batch were removed from the vehicles, though the rear branding was retained.

Vehicles from this batch are currently operated in the North East by Newcastle (Slatyford).



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