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provide bus services throughout the North East of England, with operating centres in Newcastle, South Shields and Sunderland to the North and Hartlepool and Teesside to the South.  


The operations are divided into these Northern and Southern regions based upon the territories of their predecessors, Busways Travel Services Limited and Cleveland Transit Limited respectively.  Across each of the six depots within the group the fleet composition varies; a brief profile of each of the Stagecoach North East operating companies and fleets follows.


Until August 2007, Stagecoach North East also included Stagecoach in Darlington.  On 22nd August 2007, the Darlington operations were sold to Arriva North East.




NORTHERN DIVISION (Busways Travel Services Limited)

Stagecoach in Newcastle

operates from 2 bases: Walkergate to the East of the City and Slatyford to the West.

Slatyford depot is the former home of Newcastle Busways while Walkergate depot is the replacement for the long since demolished Byker depot, former home of City Busways (later Newcastle Busways) and Blue Bus Services.  Both depots operate their own services under the Stagecoach in Newcastle name as well as jointly operating some services.

The Walkergate fleet is primarily composed of easyACCESS Enviro400 and Enviro400H deckers. Walkergate's newest vehicles are a batch of brand new 16-plate Euro6 specification Enviro400 deckers with MMC bodywork. Including the hybrids and MMCs, Walkergate currently operate over 90 deckers. The single deck allocation at Walkergate is modest, comprising a handful of ALX300 bodied MAN 18.220 A69s and East Lancs Kinetic bodied MAN 18.240 A69s. In addition to standard City services, Walkergate also operate the new Seasider open top service between North Shields and Whitley Bay, using open top Tridents previously employed on City Sightseeing franchise duties.

The Slatyford fleet is composed primarily of easyACCESS ALX300 bodied MAN 18.220 A69s, Enviro400 deckers (standard and MMC) and Enviro200 midibuses (MAN 14.240 A66, integral Enviro200 and integral MMC variants). The Slatyford allocation is rounded off with a handful of Enviro300 single decks and troubled East Lancs Kinetic bodied MAN 18.240 A69s. In addition to standard City services, Slatyford operates express Service 100 to the Gateshead MetroCentre, using branded Enviro300s.

Stagecoach in South Shields

is based in Chichester, the former home of South Shields Busways and Economic.

The South Shields fleet is dominated by Enviro200 midibuses (integral and MAN 14.240 A66) with a single Dart SLF providing the only variety. South Shields has seen an influx of new vehicles over the last few years, the most recent being a batch of nineteen 15- and 65-plate Enviro200's - the majority of which carry 'Dotty' branding.

Stagecoach in South Shields operates local town services and has been significantly downsized as an operational base, with many routes transferring over to Sunderland.

Stagecoach in Sunderland

is based at the Wheatsheaf, the head office of Stagecoach North East. Prior to Stagecoach ownership, this depot was home to Sunderland Busways and Favourite.

The Stagecoach in Sunderland fleet is now mainly comprised of easyACCESS Enviro200 midibuses (including both integrated Enviro200 Dart and MAN chassis) and - unique within the Stagecoach group - a fleet of 40 Scania Enviro300NG gas powered single deckers. A trio of Pointer 2 bodied Dart SLF also hang on in the fleet. Investment in Sunderland was considerable several years ago, with a batch of 21 integrated Enviro200s as well as 17 Scania Enviro300NG gas buses carrying 63-plates and a further 23 carrying 14-plates. The most recent arrivals at Sunderland have been a trio of cascaded triaxle Scania Omnilink single deck vehicles for use on express service X24 to Newcastle.

More recently, Sunderland took over operation of several routes previously operated from South Shields, inheriting further Enviro200s as well as Enviro300s for the E services and Enviro400s for the X34.

Stagecoach in Sunderland operates local services within the city as well as the E services between Sunderland and South Shields, express Services X24 and X34 to Newcastle from Sunderland and Horsley Hill respectively and Services X20 and 30 which operate wholly within South Tyneside.

SOUTHERN DIVISION (Cleveland Transit Limited)

Stagecoach in Hartlepool

is based at Brenda Road depot, home to Hartlepool's fleet which is comprised exclusively of easyACCESS Enviro200 midibuses (both MAN and integral variants).

Stagecoach in Hartlepool operates local town services as well as the longer distance easyACCESS flagship Service 1 to Middlesbrough. Hartlepool's newest vehicles comprise seven 61-plate Enviro200s, recently cascaded from South Shields.

Stagecoach on Teesside

is based at Church Road Stockton, the former home of Cleveland Transit.

The Stagecoach on Teesside fleet is now composed almost entirely of easyACCESS ALX300 bodied MAN 18.220 A69s, Enviro300 bodied MANs and Teesside's newest vehicles, two batches of integral Enviro300 single decks, many of which carry 'Dotty' branding. The 'odd-balls' at the depot are a batch of integral Enviro300s built on the first generation bodywork. The allocation is rounded off by a quartet of Enviro400 deckers which transferred over from Walkergate for the operation of new scholars contracts.

Operations are principally localised in and between the towns of Middlesbrough and Stockton-on-Tees, with longer distance easyACCESS Service 36 extending to Hartlepool using Enviro300 single deck vehicles.

The Stagecoach North East Bus Depot


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