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LAST UPDATED: 19 May 2019

MAN 18.220 A69

22424/28/37/43/44 YN07K--


These vehicles were part of a large batch of 30 vehicles delivered new to Stagecoach Yorkshire in April 2007. The first 25, numbered 22421-22445 were allocated to Ecclesfield with the balance, 22446-22450 allocated to Barnsley.

In January 2008, 22421-22423 transferred from Ecclesfield to Barnsley, with 22423 returning to Ecclesfield a few months later in May of the same year. May 2011 saw 22421/22 return to Ecclesfield, joined by 22450, all from Barnsley. The whole batch were united in Ecclesfield in May 2016, with the transfer of 22446-22449 from Barnsley. They remained together for just a few months when in August 2016 22421 was transferred on loan to ????. It returned in December 2016, and was reallocated to Chesterfield, joined the following month by 22435. January 2017 saw something of a cull of the type from Ecclesfield, with 22422/29/30/32/33 listed for Disposal and 22436-42 placed in Reserve. In February 2017, 22436/37 returned to service at Barnsley. March 2017 saw 22436 replaced at Barnsley by 22439, 22434 withdrawn to reserve and 22440 return to service, this time at Rawmarsh.

July 2017 saw 22421/31/35/39/40 withdrawn to reserve, while 22438 returned to service once again at Ecclesfield. The following month saw 22423/27/35 listed for Disposal and 22450 withdrawn to Reserve, while 22441 returned to service at Ecclesfield. In September 2017, 22439/40 returned to service at Barnsley. In October 2017, 22423/35 were retrieved from the Disposal list and returned to service at Ecclesfield, while 22440 returned to reserve and 22442 moved to Disposal. The following month saw 22439 return again to Reserve.

In January 2018, 22431 returned to service at Ecclesfield, being replaced there in April 2018 by 22434. April 2018 also saw 22437/39 return to service at Rawmarsh. In May 2018, 22424-26/28/34/38/43/45/46/47/49 were withdrawn from Ecclesfield to Reserve, followed in June by 22423/35/41/44/48 from Ecclesfield and 22437 from Rawmarsh with 22439 following the next month. 22426 returned to service at Barnsley in September 2018 while 22442 was scrapped the same month.

The first departures of the batch from Yorkshire were to the North East, with 22424/28 transferring in September 2018. 22428 entered service at Slatyford in October 2018, to assist with the increased PVR associated with scholars contracts. 22424 entered service at Walkergate later the same month, followed by 22437 in November 2018. Most recently, 22443 and 22444 entered service at Walkergate in December 2018, with 22443 transferring to Slatyford later the same month.

They are identical to the earlier indigenous 2006 batch, carrying Alexander Dennis ALX300 bodies with B42F configuration and were delivered with the new Stagecoach corporate blue interior and individual seating.

The registrations of the batch in the North East are as follows:

22424     YN07KPR
22428     YN07KPX
22434     YN07KSV
22443     YN07KSF
22444     YN07KSJ

During the first week of 2019, 22444 was loaned to Teesside, returning to Walkergate without seeing use on Teesside.

March 2019 saw 22443 become one of several similar vehicles withdrawn at Slatyford, without replacement. It was reinstated at Slatyford in May 2019.

One of the earlier arrivals in the North East, Slatyford's 22428 YN07KPX is pictured in North Kenton.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

These vehicles are currently operated in the North East by Newcastle (Slatyford and Walkergate).

The rest of the batch

Stagecoach Yorkshire's 22430 was sold out of group in January 2019 while the following month saw 22435/38/48/50 return to service at Barnsley. In March 2019, 22448 along with reserve vehicles 22431/40 were listed for disposal.

The current allocations of the rest of the batch outside of the North East are: Yorkshire (22421-23/25-27/29/31-36/39-41/45-50).


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