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LAST UPDATED: 10 July 2019

MAN 18.220 A69

22061-76/80/81/82    NK54B--

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These 22 MAN easyACCESS single deck vehicles were delivered from new in 2004 as 22061-82, and followed the delivery of 41 earlier examples in 2003. They are identical to the 2003 examples with B42F configuration, though following the demise of Transbus carry Alexander Dennis ALX300 bodies. Like the previous year's deliveries, the batch were delivered with the Stagecoach corporate blue interior and individual seating and entered service with uppercase yellow digital destination displays.

Pictured on John Street bearing a once standard, now very odd-looking, uppercase destination display, Sunderland's 22077 was operating the now defunct Service 15.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2005

The registrations of the batch are as follows:

22061     NK54BFE
22062     NK54BFF
22063     NK54BFJ
22064     NK54BFL
22065     NK54BFM
22066     NK54BFN
22067     NK54BFO
22068     NK54BFP
22069     NK54BFU
22070     NK54BFV
22071     NK54BFX
22072     NK54BFY
22073     NK54BFZ
22074     NK54BGE
22075     NK54BGF
22076     NK54BGO
22077     NK54BGU
22078     NK54BGV
22079     NK54BGX
22080     NK54BGY
22081     NK54BGZ
22082     NK54BHA

Ilustrating the original Service 37 branding is Teesside's 22061, pictured in Stockton operating the service for which it carries branding.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2009

September 2004 saw the first six, 22061-22066, delivered to Teesside; the first significant new vehicle delivery for the depot in several years. 22061/63-66 were branded for Service 37, while 22062 remained as the unbranded spare, carrying a Mega-rear advertisement for the Megarider travelticket.

22061-22066 were followed toward the end of September 2004 by 22067-71, which were delivered to Newcastle (Slatyford), all branded for MetroCentre Shuttle Service 100. Their arrival in Newcastle freed up 22451/2/4/5/6, which were cascaded to Teesside. The arrival of these cascaded MANs on Teesside, combined with 22061-66, saw the withdrawal of several Lynx and Scania saloons from Stockton depot.

In October 2004, the delivery was completed with the final 11 vehicles, 22072-82, arriving at Sunderland. These vehicles allowed the conversion of Services 15 & 16 to easyACCESS operation and Service 16 further to a Superoute. Their arrival signalled the end of the B10M in the City, for a while at least, with the last remaining examples (20101-06/15, 20837/38/44) cascaded to Teesside. These vehicles saw further Scania saloons and Lynx withdrawn at Stockton.

On arrival in Sunderland, 22072 received a Mega-rear advertisement for the Dayrider ticket and 22073 received a Mega-rear advertising the Tyne & Wear Superoute network. 22072 lost its' Dayrider Mega-rear in May 2009 while 22073 lost its Superoute Mega-rear more recently when?.

Illustrating the two megarears worn by the Sunderland examples - 22072 (left) carries the Dayrider version and 22073 Superoute.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2009


The arrival of five new Enviro300s at Slatyford for MetroCentre Shuttle Service 100 saw the transfer of 22067-71 to Walkergate in September 2005, with their 100 branding having been removed in the preceding weeks.

All of the batch had their blinds reprogrammed to display Sentence Case text during 2007.

Between December 2009 and October 2010, 22061-64/66 received revised Service 37 branding, while 22065 became the unbranded spare. In July 2012, 22064 was debranded; due to persistent mechanical failures this vehicle was relegated to shorter local runs.



Ilustrating the revised Service 37 branding is Teesside's 22063, pictured in Middlesbrough Bus Station, helpfully operating Service 36!

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2012

July 2011 saw 22067/70/71 transferred from Walkergate to South Shields, followed in August 2011 by 22068/69. These five MANs were released by the arrival of the Enviro400H's at Walkergate, and led to the withdrawal of most of the remaining B10BLEs in South Shields. Autumn 2012 saw 22067-69/71 receive orange scrolling LED destination displays, donated by the withdrawn B10BLEs. Between October 2012 and February 2013, 22070 also received an orange scrolling LED destination display.

Due to the need for increased capacity on Service X34, 22068/69/71 were transferred to Slatyford in November 2013, with South Shields receiving in return the depot's first Enviro400s, 19194/96/97.

In February 2014, Teesside's 22066 received a repaint which saw the vehicle lose its branding for Service 37. 22061 was similarly treated in April 2014, 22063 in June 2014 and 22062 in July 2014, seeing the eradication of the branding from the fleet.

Following the arrival of the second batch of gas buses at Sunderland, 22072-78 transferred from Sunderland to Slatyford in June/early July 2014, replacing 22473-77 from the T4--BNL batch, which transferred to Teesside.

During February 2015, Teesside's 22063 and South Shields' 22067 were two of several MAN 18.220 A69's loaned to Slatyford in an attempt to overcome delays caused by major traffic works at Cowgate.

Following extensive service changes in Sunderland in June 2016, 22079-82 were transferred to Slatyford. The same month saw MAN 14.240 A66 39707/08 transfer to South Shields, in turn releasing 22067/70 to Slatyford (though 22067 is underwent major repairs at South Shields, prior to transfer which was consequently delayed).

The five vehicles new to Slatyford, 22067-22071, are the most travelled of the batch, having operated for Slatyford, Walkergate, South Shields and Slatyford again. 22068 is pictured operating for South Shields while 22070 is seen operating for Slatyford and 22071 with Walkergate.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2011-2016

Late April 2017 saw extensive cuts across the Newcastle network, one effect of which was to reduce the peak vehicle requirement at Slatyford by six vehicles. Four vehicles from this batch, 22072/73/75/76, were withdrawn as a result - perhaps surprisingly given older examples remained in service both at Slatyford and elsewhere in the North East.

Late May 2017 saw 22078 withdrawn from service at Slatyford, followed in early June by 22077/79. The only replacements at Slatyford were the return to service of Enviro300 22574 and Dart 35194. Later in June 2017, 22071 was withdrawn from service at Slatyford, replaced by 22346 which transferred across from Walkergate. Toward the end of the month, 22077-79 were transferred to Stagecoach Merseyside & South Lancashire, where they are held in reserve, to be used in the training fleet.

Following the entry to service of 22510 at Slatyford, 22074 was withdrawn at the depot by the end of August 2017.

22071-76 now form part of the North East's Driver Training fleet. 22076 was the first completed, based at Walkergate since January 2018. The following month saw 22071 displace 20552 at South Shields and 22074 replace 20121 at Stockton. More recently, 22073 joined the Driver Training fleet based at Sunderland by September 2018, while 22072 took several further months before being ready for use as a trainer, now based at Slatyford and 22075 is now a Driver Training Vehicle with Teesside.

Pictured in Teesside depot shortly after repaint, new recruit to the Driver Training Fleet 22074.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

April 2018 saw 22065 transfer from Teesside to Slatyford, with Kinetic bodied MAN 18.240 A69 22515 moving in the opposite direction. Later the same month saw a similar exchange with 22066 moving to Slatyford in exchange for Kinetic-bodied 22514.

Pictured on Grainger Street, Newcastle, is former Teesside based 22065, shortly after transfer to Tyneside.

Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018

March 2019 saw 22068 become one of a number of similar vehicles withdrawn at Slatyford, without replacement. It was followed in April 2019 by 22066. 22068 was reinstated at Slatyford in May 2019 with 22066 returning to service in July 2019.

These vehicles are currently operated in the North East by Teesside and Newcastle (Slatyford).

The rest of the batch

22077-79 now form part of the Driver Training Fleet in Merseyside, based at Gillmoss; all having received full repaint to training school livery.


22079, now a Driver Trainer with Stagecoach Merseyside & South Lancashire, based at Gilloss depot.

Photo © flickr user buses7675! 2017


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