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MAN 18.220 A69

22408-13 NK06LU-


Showcasing the first generation X47 branding is Slatyford based MAN/ALX300 'SPARKLE', otherwise known as 22410.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2008

These six vehicles were delivered new to Slatyford in May 2006 to launch the new easyACCESS express Service X47. They are identical to the 2005 batch, carrying Alexander Dennis ALX300 bodies with B42F configuration and were delivered with the new Stagecoach corporate blue interior and individual seating. The batch entered service displaying uppercase orange destinations on a digital blind.

The registrations of the batch are as follows:

22408     NK06LUR
22409     NK06LUT
22410     NK06LUW
22411     NK06LUY
22412     NK06LUZ
22413     NK06LUP

Four of the six vehicles (22408-22411) were delivered complete with distinctive branding for Service X47 while 22412/13 entered service in standard Stagecoach in Newcastle corporate livery.


Five of the batch also received names: 22408/09/10/11/13 were named BUBBLES, BESS THE EXPRESS, SPARKLE, BUSTER THE BUS and TOOTIE FRUITY, respectively. 22412 was unnamed.


Seen on Gallowgate, operating service X47 to which it is dedicated is 22411, illustrating the second generation X47 branding.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2008

During Spring 2007, all of the batch had their blinds reprogrammed to display Sentence Case text, with the scrolling facility enabled.

The route branding for service X47 was revised in 2007, seeing 22408-12 receive full repaint and application of the new second generation branding. At the same time, 22408-11 lost their names. 22413 was repainted during summer 2013, remaining the unbranded spare and losing the name TOOTIE FRUITY which it had carried from new.

March 2015 saw 22408-22412 debranded, with a third generation version of X47 branding applied to the same vehicles the following month. The revised branding plays on the 'King' in Kingston Park, with two variations:

'WorKING 9to5 or seeKING some fun' (22408, 22409)

'LooKING for a bargain or liKING luxury' (22410, 22411, 22412)


Illustrating the third generation of X47 branding is 22409, NK06LUT, seen in South Gosforth, straying onto service 6 to the Metrocentre.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2015

These vehicles have thus far retained their original allocation to Newcastle (Slatyford).



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