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LAST UPDATED: 10 July 2019

MAN 18.220 A69




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Part of a large order of low floor vehicles for the North East following several years of no new deliveries, 22011-22033 were delivered from new during July & August 2003. Carrying Transbus ALX300 bodies, they are similar to the older MAN 18.220/Alexander ALX300 examples in the group, with B42F configuration, however these vehicles were delivered with the new Stagecoach corporate blue interior and individual seating. All 23 arrived wearing Stagecoach in Newcastle livery and entered service with uppercase yellow digital destination displays. 22011-22026 were allocated to Walkergate from new and 22027-22033 to Slatyford.

The registrations of the batch are as follows:

22011     NK03XJA
22012     NK03XJB
22013     NK03XJC
22014     NK03XJD
22015     NK03XJE
22016     NK03XJF
22017     NK03XJG
22018     NK03XJH
22019     NK03XJJ
22020     NK03XJL
22021     NK03XJM
22022     NK03XJN
22023     NK03XJP
22024     NK03XJT
22025     NK03XJU
22026     NK03XJV
22027     NK03XJW
22028     NK03XJX
22029     NK03XJY
22030     NK03XJZ
22031     NK03XKA
22032     NK03XKB
22033     NK03XKC


The Walkergate arrivals allowed the withdrawal of the last 8 remaining B10Ms in Newcastle (20121/22/24, 20550, 20696, 20839/41/43). These vehicles were placed in reserve and refurbished at Sunderland, prior to their reallocation to Hartlepool. In addition to ousting the B10Ms, the new Walkergate MANs also saw the transfer of B10Bs 21001 & 21002 to South Shields and low floor Darts to Teesside (33101/825/6/8), Hartlepool (33102) and Sunderland (33827/9).


The Slatyford members of this batch were followed in September & October 2003 by a further 18 examples (see 22034-22051 NK53---). These initial 7 vehicles however saw the cascade of Scania saloons to Teesside (28919/51/52) and Walkergate (28912/18) and the sale of two Scanias (28953/54) to Stagecoach West Scotland.


Illustrating the 'pants' Megarider megarears that were carried by a number of MAN ALX300s in the late 00s is 22020, seen operating Walkergate's Service 12 headed for Two Ball Lonnen.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2009

From this batch, 22011 received a Mega-rear advertisement for the Dayrider travelticket while 22012/33 received Mega-rear advertisements for the Tyne & Wear Superoute network. All three had long lost their Mega-rears when in Spring 2007, 22020 received a new pants Megarider Mega-rear.

All of the batch had their blinds reprogrammed to display yellow Sentence Case text whilst with their original depots in Newcastle.


The first transfers of the batch occurred in January 2011 following the arrival of a batch of fourteen new Enviro400 deckers at Walkergate, seeing 22011-20 cascaded to Teesside and 22023-26 to Slatyford. 22011-15/17/20 entered service on Teesside in January, replacing B10Ms 20135 (to reserve), 20550/54 (to DTV) and 20839 (to reserve), and Northen Counties Prestige bodied B10BLEs 21101-03 (to South Shields). 22016/18/19 did not officially enter service until May 2011 (though in reality were in service from February 2011), replacing further B10Ms (20695 & 20843, both to reserve) and providing cover for failing Enviro300's. All ten now carry Stagecoach on Teesside names. The 'pants' Megarider mega-rear was removed before/shortly after? transfer to Teesside. Of the Slatyford examples, 22023 entered service in January 2011 with 22024-26 following in February 2011, replacing high floor B10Ms 20258/63/64/97.

Seen at Middlesbrough Bus Station operating Service 14 is Stagecoach on Teesside's 22015.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2011

The final two Walkergate examples, 22021/22 remained at that depot until August 2011 when they were transferred to South Shields. They were replaced at Walkergate by the arrival of the Enviro400 Hybrids and at South Shields they assisted in the replacement of the remaining B10BLEs. Both received Stagecoach in South Shields names and during 2012 received orange scrolling Sentence Case destination displays, salvaged from withdrawn B10BLEs.

22021 is pictured operating Stagecoach in South Shields Service X20, prior to receiving the upgrade to orange scrolling blinds.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2012

During April 2013, 22021 was loaned to Teesside to provide cover whilst similar 22016 was off the road.

November 2013 saw 22021 transferred from South Shields to Sunderland, in exchange for SLF Dart 35190 which moved in the opposite direction. Following the arrival of the second batch of gas buses at Sunderland, 22021 transferred from Sunderland to Slatyford in June 2014, replacing 22472 (see T4--BNL batch).

August 2014 saw 22022 transfer from South Shields to Slatyford, assisting in the replacement older non-DDA compliant MAN 18.220 A69s. The vehicle was one of two replaced in South Shields by the arrival of new Enviro200s 37143 and 37144.

Following the arrival of a new batch of Enviro300s for Teesside, 22011-15 were officially withdrawn to reserve. 22011 was transferred to Walkergate and 22012 to Slatyford, with 22013-15 remaining at Stockton. Despite officially being part of the reserve fleet, 22011 & 22012 entered service in Newcastle.

22013 & 22014 were transferred in December 2015 from Teesside reserve to Newcastle, covering for Enviro400s 19151 & 19675 which were loaned to Stagecoach East Scotland. 22013 was allocated to Slatyford and on the return of 19151 remained in service at Slatyford, seeing the final non DDA compliant vehicle at the depot, 22210, withdrawn for disposal. 22014 was allocated to Walkergate and similarly, on return of 19675, remained in service at the depot, replacing Walkergate's last non DDA compliant vehicle, 22462. 22014 continued to operate from Walkergate until March 2016, when it returned to service on Teesside.

Following the transfer of 22079-82 to Slatyford in June 2016, following extensive service changes in Sunderland, and the arrival of 22070 from South Shields, 22025/26/29-31 were withdrawn for disposal at Slatyford. July 2016 saw 22028 also withdrawn for Disposal, resulting in the reinstating of 22026 to the Slatyford fleet. Later the same month, both 22026 and 22027 were withdrawn from service at Slatyford and 22012 transferred from Slatyford to Teesside; these vehicles were replaced at Slatyford by 22067.

September 2016 saw 22026 freshly repainted and transferred to the main service fleet on Teesside. The same month saw 22023 & 22033 withdrawn at Slatyford, replaced at the Newcastle depot by East Lancs Kinetic bodied MAN 18.240 A69 22515.

22026 is pictured at Middlesbrough Bus Station operating Stagecoach on Teesside Service 13.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2017

A further three examples were withdrawn at Slatyford in October 2016, with 22021/22 being placed in reserve, and 22024 transferred to Walkergate. 22021/22/24 were replaced at Slatyford by 22512-14. The same month saw 22011 withdrawn at Walkergate due to engine damage and 22033 reinstated at Slatyford.

During November 2016, 22022 was briefly loaned to Walkergate and in late November/early December 2016 both 22021/22 were reinstated at Slatyford. December 2016 also saw Teesside's 22014 withdrawn following the arrival of Enviro300 27506 from Teesside.

Following the arrival of a batch of new Enviro200 MMC single decks during December 2016, 22033 was one of several indigenous MAN 18.220 A69's withdrawn for disposal. January 2017 saw 22021/32 similarly withdrawn at Slatyford, while 22022 returned to Walkergate replacing 22024 which returned to Slatyford. The same month saw 22017 withdrawn on Teesside, replaced by Enviro300 27509.

22013 was withdrawn from service at Slatyford in February 2017, replaced by 22509, while 22022 also temporarily returned from Walkergate to Slatyford, replaced at Walkergate by 39730 from Slatyford. In March 2017, 22022 returned to Walkergate with 39730 returning to Slatyford; 22024 additionally returned to Walkergate the same month without replacement at Slatyford. Also during March 2017, 22015 was loaned from Teesside to South Shields where it saw use on Service X34 prior to withdrawal for disposal.

April 2017 saw another swapping of 22022 for an Enviro200 with 22022 moving from Walkergate to Slatyford while 39706 was loaned from Slatyford to Walkergate. Shortly before the service changes at the end of April, the vehicles returned to their home depots.

In May 2017, withdrawn examples 22013 & 22015 were transferred to Stagecoach West Scotland's Ayr depot to cover for defective examples north of the border. June 2017 saw 22012 withdrawn from service on Teesside, replaced by 27508. In early July 2017, 22013 returned from Ayr to the withdrawn fleet at Stockton while the end of the month saw 22012 re-enter service at Slatyford depot.

22012 is pictured in Blakelaw operating Stagecoach in Newcastle Service X88.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2017

Following the return to service of Enviro300 27510 on Teesside in August 2017, 22020 was withdrawn at the depot. Later the same month, 22013 was one of a pair of ALX300 bodied MAN 18.220 A69s which transferred to Stagecoach in the Highlands, operating in the Inverness area - though like its previous transfer to Scotland, this was temporary with the vehicle returned to the North East in September 2017.

22013 returned to active service at Slatyford in November 2017, replacing 22508, while the following month saw 22020 return to service on Teesside and 22014/17 sold for scrap. In February 2018, 22022 transferred yet again from Walkergate to Slatyford, before returning to Walkergate within a matter of weeks. In early August 2018, 22022 returned again to Slatyford before heading back to Walkergate.

With time running out for the batch, long-term withdrawn 22021/32 were sold for scrap in October 2018 followed by 22031/33 in December 2018. 22027 was scrapped in January 2019 with 22023 and 22028 meeting the same fate in February 2019.

In March 2019, 22026 was transferred 'home' from Teesside to Newcastle, once again operating from Slatyford.

April 2019 saw 22025/29/30 sold for scrap, followed by 22011 in May 2019.

These vehicles are currently operated by Newcastle (Slatyford), Newcastle (Walkergate) and Teesside.

The rest of the batch

22015 spent most of it's stay with Stagecoach West Scotland listed off the road undergoing repairs, prior to being listed for disposal in June 2018. It remained as such until being written off in January 2019.


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