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LAST UPDATED: 14 April 2019

MAN 18.240 A69

22508-22515 SF56FK-


Illustrating the rather unappealing livery worn by these vehicles when new, 22510 is pictured in Ayr.

Photo © flickr user Vinnie 2008

These vehicles were part of a batch of nine delivered new to Stagecoach West Scotland during December 2006 (22508) and January 2007 (22509-16). They are standard MAN 18.240 A69 chassis on the rare East Lancs Kinetic bodywork and are registered SF56FKL/M/N/O/P/R/S/T/U in fleet number order.

The vehicles were delivered in the blue, white and maroon colours of Strathclyde Partnership for Transport on a modified version of the Stagecoach livery, with branding for the Carrick Coastal Link (connecting Ayr and Stranraer via the scenic South Ayrshire coast). 22508-14 were allocated to Ayr and 22515/16 allocated to Stranraer, from new.

In February 2011, 22510/11/13 moved to Dumfries before returning to Ayr two months later.

By the end of 2011, the batch were repainted from SPT to Stagecoach corporate livery.

In August 2013, 22510 was delicenced for engine repairs; the following month saw 22516 delicenced following fire damage. 22510 returned to service at Ayr in November 2013, while 22516 was deemed unsalvageable and was written off in February 2014.

January 2014 saw 22508/10/11/14 transfer to Stagecoach East Scotland's Dunfermline depot and 22512 placed in reserve. The following month saw 22512/15 follow sisters to Dunfermline.

Part of a rather well travelled and unusual batch of vehicles, 22515 is pictured in it's second home of Dunfermline, while operating for Stagecoach East Scotland.

Photo © flickr user Gobbiner 2014

In November 2014, 22511/12/14/15 were withdrawn at East Scotland, with 22512 transferred to Stagecoach Yorkshire. 22512 was followed in December 2014 by 22508/10/11, in February 2015 by 22515 with 22514 finally transferring to Yorkshire in April 2015.

In December 2014, the type were eliminated from the West Scotland fleet, with the transfer of 22509/13 to reunite the surviving eight members of the batch in Yorkshire.

Initially held in reserve, the first of the batch to enter service in Yorkshire was 22510, in February 2015, allocated to Barnsley. 22508/12 entered service in Barnsley the following month. 22511/13/15 entered service at Barnsley in April 2015, followed by 22509 in May 2015 and 22514 in June 2015. 22508-12 were withdrawn to reserve in January 2016, though 22510-12 were reinstated the following month and 22509 entered service from Ecclesfield.

In May 2016, the batch were listed for cascaded to the North East, arriving at the Wheatsheaf depot for preparation for service on 11 June 2016. Initially intended to see use on Teesside, the batch remained withdrawn for three months, mostly stored at the Wheatsheaf. 22508 was the first to move, followed by 22515 then 22513, all still withdrawn but stored at Slatyford.

The first example from the batch to finally enter service in late September 2016 was 22515, working for Slatyford. 22512/14 arrived at Slatyford in late September and, with 22513, joined 22515 in service at the depot from late October 2016. 22515 replaced Alexander bodied MAN 18.220 A69 22023, while 22512-14 replaced similar 22021/22/24.

After a considerable delay, 22509 finally entered service at Slatyford in February 2017, replacing 22013 which was withdrawn. A batch plagued by problems, 22515 expired during March 2017 and was placed in reserve as of April 2017. 22509's initial time in service was even briefer, being withdrawn in May 2017 and replaced by 22508 which entered service in June 2017.

There was little progress with the batch until late July 2017 when 22510 finally entered service (replacing 22574, which once again expired), followed in August 2017 by the return of both 22509 & 22515. There were no withdrawals as a result of 22509/15 returning to service.

After suffering mechanical failure (again), 22508 was withdrawn to reserve in November 2017, replaced by the reinstatement (again) of 22013. 22508 returned to service at Slatyford in March 2018, though 22013 was not withdrawn.

In April 2018, some 22 months after arriving in the North East, 22511 finally entered service at Slatyford. Nothing has yet been replaced as a result, though 22511's debut coincided with the transfer of 22515 to Teesside, in exchange for ALX300 bodided MAN 18.220 A69 22065. Later the same month saw 22514 join 22515 on Teesside, with 22066 moving in the opposite direction, and 22512/13 moving to Walkergate in exchange for 22341/42.

Although not officially noted until May 2018, 22509 was taken out of service with engine difficulties in late 2017. Similary troubled, 22508 has sat disused with engine panels open at Slatyford since at least August 2018. Following an extended absence throughout summer 2018, 22510 returned to service at Slatyford in October. After re-emerging at Slatyford depot in mid January, 22509 returned to service after over a year off the road, in late January 201 whereupon it saw the withdrawal of 22510, taken out of service shortly after the return of 22509.

Slatyford's 22508 SF56FKL is pictured in High Heaton operating Service 7 to the Metrocentre.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2017

These vehicles are currently operated in the North East by Newcastle (Slatyford and Walkergate) and Teesside.



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