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LAST UPDATED: 23 October 2018

MAN 18.240 A69

22570-22581 SP08D--


Illustrating one example of the branding carried by some of the batch, numerically the eldest member, 22564 is pictured in Dundee.

Photo © flickr user EDDIE, 2011

These vehicles were part of a batch of 18 delivered new to Stagecoach East Scotland as 22564-22581 during March 2008 . They are standard MAN 18.240 A69 chassis on the ADL Enviro300 bodywork and are registered SP08DBY/Z, SP08DCE/F/O/U/V/X/Y/Z, SP08DDA/E/F/J/K/L/N/O in fleet number order.

22564-79/81 were delivered in Stagecoach corporate livery and have carried various forms of discreet branding at different points. 22580 briefly carried a white and two-tone blue 'hosital link' branded variant of the Stagecoach corporate livery for a few months from new, being repainted to standard corporate livery by early 2009. 22564-66 were initially allocated to Forfar, 22567-73/81 to Dundee, 22574/78/79 to Arbroath and 22575-77/80 to Perth.

In August 2008, 22564-66/80 transferred to Dundee, with 22580 moving again in February 2009, this time to Aberhill. 22581 transferred at the same time to Dunfermline. In July 2009, 22574 transferred to Dundee, returning to Arborath, with 22573, in November 2009. Due to network changes, 22581 moved from Dunfermline to Arbroath in August 2010. Further internal transfers within Stagecoach East Scotland occurred in October 2010, with 22570/71/74 moving to Dunfermline and 22573 to Dundee. January 2011 saw further internal transfers, with 22573/78 moving to Dunfermline, and 22579 to Aberhill. The next move came in June 2012, which saw 22572 transfer to Arbroath, where it remained until August of the same year when it transferred to Blairgowrie. The same month saw the withdrawal to Reserve of 22564 for engine upgrade, returning to service in January 2013.

In August 2013, 22579 moved from to Dunfermline from Aberhill. In February 2014, 22580/81 moved from Aberhill to Cowdenbeath, and 22570/71 moved from Dunfermline to Dundee and Glenrothes, respectively. In April 2014, 22579 returned once again to Aberhill. Network changes in August 2014 saw 22571/73-78 transfer to Aberhill and 22572 withdrawn to Reserve for an engine upgrade, returning to service in October 2014. After a brief time at Aberhill, 22571/73-78 were withdrawn to Reserve in January 2015. 22576 was reinstated the following month, entering service at Dunfermline.

The first departures out of East Scotland occurred March 2015, when 22571/75/76 transferred to East Midlands, where they entered service in Hull. The same month saw 22579 withdrawn to Reserve at East Scotland. 22573 transferred in April 2015 to East Midlands, joining the others in service at Hull.

22574/77/79 saw a brief return to service on rail replacement duties in June 2015 before returning to reserve the following month. August 2015 saw 22579 return to service at Dunfermline, alongside 22580/81 which transferred from Cowdenbeath. The following month saw 22577/78 return to service, operating from Perth. In August 2016, 22564-69/72 transferred to Perth while 22570/79/80/81 were withdrawn to Reserve. The following month saw 22574/79/81 transfer to the North East, with 22570/80 following in November 2016. The same month saw 22565 withdrawn for scrap following fire damage.

On arrival in the North East, the batch underwent repaint and were applied with a new style of branding for Metrocentre Shuttle Service 100. 22574/79/80/81 entered service in November 2016, with 22570 first seeing service on 10 January 2017.

Illustrating the latest version of Metrocentre Shuttle branding, applied to all of the North East based examples from the batch since entering service in the region, numerically the youngest of the batch, 22581.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2017

22579 was involved in a fatal accident on the Redheugh Bridge in Newcastle on the night of 10 May 2017. The vehicle sustained considerable accident and fire damage and while the remains sstill remain on site at Slatyford depot, the vehicle will not return to service. Plauged with problems, most of the remainder of the batch have spent considerable periods out of service, 22574 requiring attention during April-May and again fom July to September 2017, and 22580 undergoing work from April to July 2017.

These vehicles are currently operated in the North East by Newcastle (Slatyford).

The rest of the batch

May 2017 saw 22578 withdrawn to Reserve at East Scotland while the following month saw 22564/66-68 listed For Disposal. In July 2017, 22569/77 were similarly listed For Disposal. November 2017 saw 22572 move from Perth to Blairgowrie. 22572 transferred to Perth in April 2018 and on to St Andrews in May 2018. All of 22564/66-69/77/78 remain listed For Disposal with Stagecoach East Scotland while 22572 was withdrawn to reserve, where it remains, in July 2018.

22571/73/75/76 received 'Simplibus' branding at Stagecoach East Midlands and remain in service at Hull.

The current allocations of the rest of the batch outside of the North East are: East Scotland (22564/66-69/72/77/78) and East Midlands (22571/73/75/76).



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