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LAST UPDATED: 10 July 2019


27723-27740 NK11B--


One of the few members of the batch to never have carried route branding, 27724 is photograhphed arriving in Sunderland ready to operate Service E1 back to South Shields.
Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2013

These vehicles were delivered from new during March-May 2011 to South Shields depot for use on the 'Economic' services E1, E2 & E6 to Sunderland. They are built on a fully integrated chassis and body design; the external appearance of the body differs from the earlier Enviro200s (see NK05JX- batch) as the Enviro300 front end was remodelled to match the other members of the Enviro family. The vehicles were delivered in Stagecoach in South Shields livery and 27731-40 additionally carried 'Bus to the Beach' branding on entering service.

With the exception of 27740, the vehicles were delivered to current Stagecoach corporate specifications, with blue interior and individual seating with the blue Stagecoach moquette. 27740 differs due to the vehicle having black leather seating throughout. The vehicles entered service with scrolling orange Sentence Case destination displays.

The registrations of the batch are as follows:
27723 NK11BFJ
27724 NK11BFL
27725 NK11BFM
27726 NK11BFN
27727 NK11BFO
27728 NK11BFP
27729 NK11BFU
27730 NK11BFV
27731 NK11BFX
27732 NK11BFY
27733 NK11BFZ
27734 NK11BGE
27735 NK11BGF
27736 NK11BGO
27737 NK11BGU
27738 NK11BGV
27739 NK11BGX
27740 NK11BGY


Illustrating the 'bus to the beach' branding carried by ten members of the batch, 27737 shows the offside application, 27736 shows nearside and 27731 illustrates the rear.
Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2012-2013

The arrival of the batch at South Shields ousted the majority of Volvo B10BLEs from the depot, which had previously been stalwarts of the E services for several years. The B10BLEs were largely placed into Reserve, where they remained until Summer 2012.


After less than a year in service, 27736 was involved in a serious collision at Seaburn on 24th March 2012 whilst operating Service E6. The vehicle sustained front end damage and was out of service for several months. It was replaced at South Shields by the return of Volvo B10BLE 21142 to front line service.


July 2012 saw the full batch sent to the capital to provide cover for the London 2012 Olympics. This included 27736 which went directly to London after repair following its accident earlier in the year. In order to comply with Olympic advertising rules, all fleetnames and even the web address carried along the side of the vehicles were obscured, as Stagecoach were not designated an olympic partner or sponsor. Interestingly, commercial advertisements carried by the vehicles were not required to be removed. The batch (together with a handful of Enviro200s also sent to London) were replaced at South Shields by the temporary return to service of several Volvo B10BLEs (21102/03/05, 21136/37/39-41/43/45-49/56/58) and older Enviro300s drafted in from Stagecoach Yorkshire (22636/37/38/39) and Stagecoach West Scotland (22541/42/43 & 22851). The batch returned to South Shields during September 2012, seeeing the permanent withdrawal of most of the B10BLEs from the town.


During Summer 2013, two of the branded members of the batch - 27733 & 27736 - were temporarily loaned to Slatyford.

'Bus to the beach' branded Enviro300 27733 was loaned from South Shields to Slatyford during Summer 2013, seen here heading to the famous seaside location of West Denton!
Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2013


This collection illustrates the second generation branding carried by 15 of the batch. 27735 shows the generic front end while the three rear variants are depicted by 27726 (Oh I do like to get the bus to the seaside), 27738 (Hop on board for all the fun of the fair) and 27740 (Ahoy we're straight on course for the beach).
Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2015-2016

In late Summer 2014, the branded members of the batch began to undergo repaints, initially emerging from the paintshops without branding. By November, the revised Get there with E's branding was revealed. Unlike the former incarnation, this version of branding was by February 2015 applied to sufficient vehicles to cover the PVR for Services E1, E2 and E6, with 27725-40 so treated.

Three variations of the branding are carried:

'Oh I do like to get the bus to the seaside' is carried by 22725/26/27/28/30/35

'Hop on board for all the fun of the fair' is carried by 27729/31/33/36/38

'Ahoy we're straight on course for the beach' is carried by 27732/34/37/39/40

May 2017 saw a rather convoluted exchange of nine vehicles between three depots. 27723-25 from this batch moved to Teesside, releasing 24113-15 to Slatyford, in turn enabling the transfer of 39702-04 to South Shields. 27725 initially entered service on Teesside with 'Es' branding, but was quickly repainted to corporate livery, matching 27723/24.

One of three members of the batch which have left Tyeside, 27725 is seen in Low Grange, heading toward Stockton Town Centre on a 52.
Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2017

As part of a drive to increase the strength of the corporate livery, a programme of repaints commenced in the latter part of 2017, removing branding and returning vehicles to corporate livery. The first so treated was 27730 in October 2017, with 27728 and 27738 following later the same month and 27729 in early November. After something of a gap, 27732 & 27736 were repainted to corporate livery in February 2018. 27733 was repainted in June 2018 and 27734 in July 2018, after which there was a further break until October 2018, when 27739 emerged freshly repainted.

During late 2018 (Teesside) and early 2019 (South Shields), the destination displays of the batch were updated to display a large terminal destination display with smaller swiping, rather than scrolling, via points.

As a result of the transfer of the operation of a number of serivces, including the E services, from South Shields to Sunderland depot, all of the South Shields based members of the fleet (27726-27740) transferred to Sunderland on 23 June 2019.

These vehicles are currently operated in the North East by Teesside and Sunderland.




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