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LAST UPDATED: 4 March 2018


27238-27254 SN65O--


Photograhphed heading for Stockton High Street whilst covering for a 'Dotty' branded example on Service 52 is corporate liveried 27240 SN65OCA, one of the three unbranded examples in this batch.Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2017

This batch of 17 vehicles was delivered new to Stagecoach on Teesside in September 2015. The majority of the batch entered service the same month, with 27243/53 the only two to be delayed in entering service until the following month. They are built on a fully integrated chassis and body design; the same as the earlier 64-plate examples also at Teesside (see SN64O-- batch).

The registrations of the batch are as follows:
27238 SN65OBY
27239 SN65OBZ
27240 SN65OCA
27241 SN65OCB
27242 SN65OCC
27243 SN65OCD
27244 SN65OCE
27245 SN65OCF
27246 SN65OCG
27247 SN65OCH
27248 SN65OCJ
27249 SN65OCK
27250 SN65OCL
27251 SN65OCM
27252 SN65OCO
27253 SN65OCP
27254 SN65OCR


The vehicles carry 41 passengers seated with up to 29 standees and were delivered to current Stagecoach corporate specifications, with blue interior and individual seating with the blue Stagecoach moquette. The batch also offer free passenger wifi.

The batch were purchased for use on Stockton-based services 52, 58, 61 & 61, faciliatating the replacement of several MAN 18.220 A69s. The batch ultimately replaced 22011-14 (which moved to Newcastle) and non-DDA compliant 22196-98, 22202/04/06/10/11, 22466/69/71/75, 22671/74 which were withdrawn to Reserve/For Disposal.

27238-40 were delivered in Stagecoach corporate livery while 27241/42/44-52 received Dotty branding for services 52/58/59/61. 27243/53/54 were delivered in Stagecoach corporate livery, and received Dotty branding in-house, prior to entering service. The Dotty branding is much the same as that carried by the newest batch of South Shields Enviro200s (see SK15/SN65--- batch) and despite services 52/58 interworking with service 35 makes no reference to the latter.

Illustrating the Dotty branding applied to the majority of the batch, 27244 SN65OCE (left) shows the front and nearside appearance while 27241 SN64OCB (right) shows the rear and offside appearance.
Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2016-2017

These vehicles are currently operated in the North East by Teesside.




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