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27157-27181 SN64O--


Photograhphed on Stockton High Street operating Service 52 to Low Grange, 27163 SN64OJM carries Stagecoach corporate livery.Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2015

This batch of 25 vehicles was delivered in two stages, the first nine entering service in October 2014, the remaining 14 entering service the following month. They are built on a fully integrated chassis and body design; the same as the South Shields' based Enviro300 fleet (see NK11B-- batch).

The registrations of the batch are as follows:
27157 SN64OJF
27158 SN64OJG
27159 SN64OJH
27160 SN64OJJ
27161 SN64OJK
27162 SN64OJL
27163 SN64OJM
27164 SN64OJO
27165 SN64OJP
27166 SN64OJR
27167 SN64OJS
27168 SN64OJT
27169 SN64OJU
27170 SN64OJV
27171 SN64OJW
27172 SN64OJX
27173 SN64OJY
27174 SN64OJZ
27175 SN64OKA
27176 SN64OKB
27177 SN64OKC
27178 SN64OKD
27179 SN64OKE
27180 SN64OKF
27181 SN64OKG


The vehicles carry 41 passengers seated with up to 29 standees and were delivered to current Stagecoach corporate specifications, with blue interior and individual seating with the blue Stagecoach moquette. The batch also offer free passenger wifi.

27157-65 were delivered in Stagecoach corporate livery while 27166-81 received one of four variations of The Zone branding:

27166-69 received orange based Time Zone branding, with Totally Tees lettering

27170-72/74 received blue based Zone Out branding, with Totally Tees lettering

27173/75/77/78 received green based O-Zone branding, with Totally Tees lettering

27176/79-81 received pink based Comfort Zone branding, with Totally Tees lettering.

Illustrating the four styles of The Zone branding (clockwise from top left):
Time Zone branded 27168 SN64OJT, Zone Out branded 27170 SN64OJV, O-Zone branded 27178 SN64OKD and Comfort Zone branded 27180 SN64OKF
Photos © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2015

The batch were purchased for use on flagship interurban services 36, 37 & 38, which saw the incumbent MAN 18.240 A69s shift from that service largely onto Middlesbrough town services, in turn leading to the withdrawal of several non-DDA complaint MAN 18.220 A69s. The batch ultimately replaced 22451/52/54/55/66/67/72-74/76/77/81/86/87/88/89/93, 22656/57/63/65/67-70. All were withdrawn to Reserve/For Disposal.

These vehicles are currently operated in the North East by Teesside.




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