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LAST UPDATED: 18 November 2018


36081-36094 NK59B--


This batch of 14 integral Alexander Dennis Enviro200 Darts were delivered new to Sunderland in September 2009, complete with Stagecoach corporate standard blue interior and individual seats. All of the batch entered service wearing Stagecoach in Sunderland corporate livery, and had scrolling orange Sentence Case destination displays.

The registrations of the batch are as follows:

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36081 NK59BMZ
36082 NK59BNA
36083 NK59BNB
36084 NK59BND
36085 NK59BNE
36086 NK59BNF
36087 NK59BNJ
36088 NK59BNL
36089 NK59BNN
36090 NK59BNO
36091 NK59BNU
36092 NK59BNV
36093 NK59BNX*
36094 NK59BNY*


The vehicles were purchased for use on Service 4, though initially were allocated to Service 12 when brand new. Their arrival enabled the withdrawal of the majority of remaining step entrance high floor Darts at Sunderland, with 32779/81 withdrawn and 32631, 32773/77/78/80/86/87/89/90 transfered to Slatyford where they replaced older K, L & M registered step entrance Darts. Fleet balance at Sunderland was maintained by the withdrawal of then still virtually new 39724-26, which were transferred to Slatyford enabling the low floor conversion on Service 72, in turn releasing further high floor Darts.

*For reasons unknown, in October 2009, 36093 & 36094 switched registrations, with NK59BNY becoming 36093 and NK59BNX becoming 36094.

Representing the batch is numerically the youngest member 36094, NK59BNX, seen operating Service 8 to South Hylton.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2016


The batch retained their original allocation to Sunderland until October 2018 when 36081-90 were earmarked for transfer to Hartlepool, with MAN 14.240 A66's 39671-75 and 39710-14 moving to Wearside in exchange.

Pictured shortly following transfer to Hartlepool, former Sunderland Enviro200 36090 is pictured on York Road.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2018


These vehicles are currently operated in the North East by Hartlepool and Sunderland.

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