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LAST UPDATED: 27 January 2019


37301-39319 SK15H--, SN65---


One of the unbranded examples from the batch, 37302 is pictured in South Shields Town Centre operating Service 12.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2015

These 19 vehicles were delivered in three batches. The first to arrive were 37301-5, with 37303/4 entering service on 30th June 2015 and 37301/2/5 the first week in July 2015. 37306-11 entered service the final week in July/early August 2015. The remainder of the batch were held back to receive 65 plates, entering service at the start of September 2015.

The registrations of these vehicles is as follows:

37301 SK15HDG
37302 SK15HDH
37303 SK15HDJ
37304 SK15HDL
37305 SK15HDN
37306 SK15HEV
37307 SK15HFA
37308 SK15HFB
37309 SK15HFC
37310 SK15HFD
37311 SK15HFE
37312 SN65OJC
37313 SN65OJD
37314 SN65ZBO
37315 SN65ZBP
37316 SN65ZBR
37317 SN65ZBT
37318 SN65ZBU
37319 SN65ZBV

37301-5 entered service in standard Stagecoach corporate livery, while 37306-19 arrived and entered service wearing 'Dotty' branding for Services 3, 4, 7 & 8. Internally, the vehicles are identical to the other integral ADL Enviro200s in the fleet. All 19 vehicles are fitted with free passenger wifi.

Cascades resulting from the arrival of these vehicles comprised Pointer 2 bodied Dart SLFs 35190-95 and Enviro 200 bodied MAN 14.240 A66s 39702-14. 35190-95 and 39702-5 moved to Slatyford, replacing 34609-14 & 35159-62. 39706-09 moved to Sunderland, replacing 35155-58 and 39710-14 moved to Hartlepool, replacing many of the older Pointer 2 bodied Dart SLFs.

By September 2015, 37304 and 37305 received branding identical to that carried by the rest of the batch, while 37301-37303 remained unbranded.

As part of a programme to increase the strength of the corporate livery and eradicate branding, 37305 was repainted in January 2018. After something of a gap, 37312 followed in late July 2018 and 37317 in late August 2018. The first repaint of the batch in 2019, 37319 was debranded and received corporate repaint in January.

Illustrating the 'Dotty' branding applied to the majority of the batch are 37315 (left) and 37319.

Photo © Stagecoach North East Bus Depot 2015

These vehicles have to date retained their original allocation to South Shields.

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